Your guide to a complete living room makeover


Living rooms for a house are just like hearts. The difference is the former pumps energy instead of blood. The living room is the place that welcomes your family members and friends. If it is not up to the mark, it throws off the whole look and vibe of your house. Most people just decorate their living rooms once and then don’t bat their eyes towards its maintenance. 

Keeping your living rooms updated and vogue is the best thing you can do for your home. With so many trends surfacing up every now and then, it might get a little daunting for a homeowner to decide what looks good and what does not. It is a fact that renovating an entire area of a house is a hassle, but with a smart strategy paired with an aesthetic eye for things, you can give your living room a one of a kind makeover with just a few instrumental changes concerning furniture that can transform the ambience of your home completely. 

If you want to enlighten yourself with “how do I breathe life into the ancient vibe of my living room?”, continue reading. 

Tip # 1 Decide a theme 

The first and foremost step to giving your living room a needed makeover is deciding a theme and sticking to it. What you have to do is visualize the space in as many ways your mind allows you and go for the one that will add the right amount of personality to your home. The most trending themes in 2020 are contemporary, minimalist, rustic, classic, ultra-modern, and transitional. Choose the one that goes with the energy of your house in the best way possible.  Customized furniture shops can manufacture sofas, chairs, and beds that compliment the theme of your living room.

Tip # 2 Make use of furniture with color pops 

Colours set the tone and mood of your house. Choosing the wrong colour can affect the entire energy of your property, which is a substantial loss for the homeowner. That is why, when selecting the colour, you should take into consideration many things. For the walls, neutral colours are the best option. To add a colour pop to the energy of the house, you can opt for bold coloured sofas that will elevate the overall look of your home. 

Tip # 3 Analyze the space you can utilize 

It is very easy to get lured by magazines and advertisements showing grandeur furniture and dream about buying them for your house. Although, it is essential to remain aware of the space available in your home. The thing about furniture is that it is highly dependent on space. No matter how elite the furniture is if the space of your living room is not complementing it, it will only look like a big mess. In the UAE, custom made furniture providers usually make sure that they have the right details to start manufacturing the customer’s furniture. 

Tip # 4 Keep the texture in mind 

The hero element of any furniture is the texture. It not only intensifies the colour of the furniture but also makes the piece stand out. Rich textures like velvet and leather make the space look elegant and posh. To attain a comfortable and inviting look, go for a high-quality texture of sofas and chairs. The right choice of texture can multiply the warmth and coolness of your house. Instead of an old and rugged sofa, you can easily fall asleep while watching a movie on a leather sofa. 

The next time you are renovating your living room, keep these tips in mind to get your space a heavenly makeover! 

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