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Your Complete Guide to Amazon Stores


Amazon is constantly finding new opportunities to promote brands and the Amazon Store is one of the best ways to build your brand image.

Now that A + content and EBC (Enhanced Branded Content) content have become the norm (and you absolutely must implement them in your listings), now it’s time to take the next step with Amazon Stores.

Amazon Stores is a free feature that allows you to design and create a store directly on Amazon to promote your products, to showcase them. The goal is to increase your sales on Amazon.

What are its advantages and how could an Amazon Store be useful to you? This is what we will see below!

 What is an Amazon Store?

The Amazon Store is a free premium content service on Amazon that sellers can use to build their store and showcase a product or collection of products. These Stores provide a unique shopping experience on Amazon on desktop and mobile.

Indeed, Amazon Stores enrich customer experience:

  • By capitalizing on internal and external traffic sources.
  • By boosting your organic reach on Amazon and increasing sales.
  • By giving the opportunity to promote new products to existing customers.
  • By introducing your brand to new audiences.
  • By bringing a better mobile experience to Amazon.

Amazon Stores allow brands to control their image on this marketplace which has become so competitive. All of these benefits are a reason to invest in building your Amazon Store.

Note that to be able to create your Amazon Store, your brand must be registered in the Amazon brand register.

Below are the main features of the Amazon Store include.

Navigation tabs

Amazon Stores can contain a navigation menu with different tabs (up to three levels possible) that can be used to highlight your brand, different categories, and products. Customize the experience to suit your brand needs.

Rich Media content to stand out

Amazon Stores now allow sellers to be more creative with the design.  Another cool feature of Amazon Stores is that you can build completely customizable pages by highlighting a single product or multiple products, which is perfect for launching a new product or collection.  You can include videos, photos as well as text.  Below is an example of an Amazon Store produced by the experts from our Amazon agency :

In what looks like an Amazon Store?

Amazon Stores are made up of one or more pages. Each page is made up of a header and a footer between which there are different tiles for product content. An Amazon Store can have a navigation bar, for example, to easily navigate through product categories.

Note that when you launch your Sponsored Brands campaigns, you can decide to redirect users either to the store home page or directly to one of your category pages.

For creation, you have the choice among 3 templates :

  • Aspirational highlighting – Objective: Tell the story of the brand and display the categories.
  • Product promotion – Objective: Display a flagship product.
  • Product grid – Objective: To present many products with a simple format.

Or you can just start from a blank page!

How to submit your Amazon Store for validation?

Once you have finished building your Amazon Store, click the “Submit for Validation” button and your Amazon Store will be submitted for validation. Keep in mind that you will not be able to make changes to your draft while it is being reviewed.

Before you publish your Amazon Store, be sure to check the following :

  • Punctuation or spelling errors.
  • That all changes be included in your draft.
  • Use mobile preview to make sure your store is optimized for mobile.
  • Check your images and videos to make sure the text appears correctly (especially on mobile).

 What is Amazon Store Insights?

Until now, it was complicated to be able to measure the impact of creatives/visuals and especially for Amazon Stores. Now, brands have access to the performance of their Stores through a program called Amazon Store Insights. This new feature allows you to understand how your audience interacts with your pages and to know the volume of visits to your store.

Metrics available through Amazon Store Insights

Amazon Stores Insights provides the following metrics:

  • The number of visitors.
  • The number of views.
  • Sales.
  • The number of units ordered.
  • The number of views/visitor.
  • The number of sales/visitors.

Traffic sources available for Amazon Store Insights

There are 4 sources of traffic that Amazon measures:

  • Amazon Sponsored Brands: aggregating traffic from Sponsored Brands ads.
  • Amazon organic traffic: taking traffic from organic results or links from Brand pages.
  • Tracked sources: which include traffic coming from a specific tracking code.
  • Other sources: Which include all other uncategorized sources.

Do you still have questions regarding the creation of your Amazon Store? Do not hesitate to contact our experts by contacting us at /

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