Why Your Small-Business Needs a Toll-free Number?


Call us on our toll-free number” 

These words are enough to convince prospective customers to reach out to your business. A toll-free number allows callers to connect with a business without bearing any cost. This makes it a powerful way for small-scale businesses to increase their business radius and develop an intimate connection with potential buyers.

What is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free number allows the callers to connect with you without getting charged. This is a rather convenient way to increase the sales of your business by allowing customers to reach you without paying any cost. Instead, the person on the receiving end bears the charges of the calls. 

In India, there are two major types of toll-free numbers:

  • Toll-free numbers with “1800” as a prefix is followed by six or seven digits and do not cost anything.
  • Toll-free numbers that have “1860” as prefixes are followed by seven-digit numbers and may incur local call rates. The person calling bears the calling charges in this case.

 The Power of a Toll-Free Number

So, you are just starting your business venture and putting your best efforts into making it a success. You have done it all, from planning the crucial strategies to dedicating a full-fledged budget and processing the legalities that go into developing a business from scratch. But there is an important factor which is still missing, that is, a “contact number”. 

Sometimes business owners are on a budget constraint, especially when it comes to small-sized businesses. In such cases, a toll-free number is a great solution as it can help you with increased ROI and develop a sense of reliability among potential customers

“A toll-free number allows your customers to connect with your business for free.”

This is a great way to improve your business as the customers do not have to incur the charges, which means more inquiries and greater opportunities for convincing potential customers to invest in your products and services with your customer handling skills. A toll-free number is a sure shot way to cross the geographical barriers and expand your business roots.

Why is a Toll-Free Number better choice for Small Businesses?

Having a toll-free number is an excellent way to bridge the gap between your business and potential customers. It opens up new, endless opportunities for any business that is still in the budding stage. It helps small businesses create an impactful imprint in the prospective buyer’s mind when they show an interest in their products. 

During the earlier years, toll-free numbers were mostly used by big enterprises that we’re able to afford the cost of customers calling their business for inquiries. Even in today’s era, consumers have this image of these free of cost calling numbers in mind, which creates a positive impression of your business in the caller’s mind. This makes such business numbers an easy way to improve the reputation of your organization in the market. 

There are multiple benefits of having a business contact number that is toll-free. Let us share with you what makes having a toll-free number for your small-scale business model a must-have.

  • A toll-free number encourages potential customers to get in touch with you as they do not have to pay the price for it. 
  • Sometimes businesses can make customers stay in the waiting line for too long, which is a significant factor they would avoid contacting you as it results in a hike in the phone bills for the callers. A toll-free number eliminates all these factors.
  • A free of cost calling number creates a positive impact on the organization’s reputation in the consumer’s mind.
  • It provides a sense of credibility, even to the small-sized businesses that are making huge efforts to create their own identity.
  • A toll-free number can make you get ahead of your competitors as it takes care of your customer’s comfort and acts as an added advantage for your business. 
  • These numbers are quite easy to remember and can be recognized by businesses effortlessly. 
  • Toll-free numbers are easy-to-dial from a landline and mobile devices. This enhances the user experience by allowing them to reach out to you easily.

All these things make a toll-free number a sure-shot way to facilitate your sales and improve conversion rates. 

Benefits of Having a Toll-Free Number for your Business

  • It serves as an instant solution for customers to connect with your business.
  • A toll-free number results in improved customer satisfaction due to convenient reachability. 
  • A toll-free number comes with different charging plans, which allows you to choose from the one that is most suitable for you.
  • Enables businesses to provide 24/7 sales and support service.

Features of a Business Toll-Free Number

There are some action-packed features that make having a toll-free an added advantage in a business set-up.

  • IVR or Interactive Voice Response allows businesses to handle customer calls with an automated response easily. 
  • Call routing services minimizes the chances of business losing their important customers.
  • The music-on-hold feature breaks the boredom for your customers. This feature can also be used to promote special offers and discounts offered by your company.
  • Call recording feature enables you to maintain data of all the calls that you receive by the customers and meet-up to the customer’s interests and demands.
  • A toll-free number empowers businesses to keep a real-time track of the data which you can analyze and make necessary changes in your process.
  • The auto-answering feature helps you retain all the leads that you may otherwise lose. 
  • The call-forwarding feature reduces the customer’s pain by minimizing the waiting time and connecting them with real-time customer support help.


A toll-free number is an excellent way to enhance the sales of any small-scale business. It not only helps you expand your business reach but also develops a sense of credibility for your brand among potential customers. It helps cross the geographical barriers and strengthen the base while a small-scale firm is trying to create its unique identity in the market. A toll-free contact number is indeed an intelligent way of business expansion if utilized appropriately. 


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