Why Do They Celebrate Karwa Chauth?


Indians celebrate their festivals with great enthusiasm. They get chances to dress their best and eat tasty food without worrying about the number of calories and cholesterol in food. Moreover, there can be great hustle and bustle in the markets due to the festive season and people buy many things which also increase the sale of shopkeepers and this should be important for the growth of the economy which could have suffered due to lockdown. There can be a boom period in the market if there is a great demand.

Karwa Chauth is one of the famous Indian festivals which is celebrated before Diwali and is the festival of women who do fasting on this day for their husbands. They do not eat and drink anything for the entire day after eating sargi early in the morning which contains various food items given by her mother-in-law. They celebrate this festival for many reasons which are mentioned below.

For religious purpose

If you have a strong faith in something like any activity then the results can be positive by doing such activity. There was a story of a man who turned a stone into his god and this happened because of his faith otherwise it was just a stone.

Women do the prayers to the goddess Parvati to protect their husbands from the evils of the world and for the long lives of their beloved husbands. They have a strong belief that by doing this, the goddess Parvati is going to protect their other halves.

For the health and long lives of beloved husbands of women

The fast of karwa Chauth shows how caring these women are for their husbands. They do it because they think that if it can help give a long and healthy life to their partners then they can sacrifice food and water for one day. However, the love and care should be mutual, and their husbands should also take care of them by wives in the household chores as they would be feeling weak. A husband can also buy online karwa Chauth gifts in her wife’s choice as a surprise gift for her on karwa Chauth, and she can be extremely happy after receiving it. There should be love, care, adjustments, compromises, etc in a relationship between two people, and it does not matter whether the relationship is of husband and wife or boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a festival of love and care shown by women for their partners, so many unmarried women can be seen doing fasting for their boyfriends on karwa Chauth & diwali gifts to india.

For dressing up

There would rarely be any woman who would not like to apply mehndi on her hands. It is the festival of women, so they do the things they like to do. They can not apply makeup and wear jewelry regularly, but they feel thrilled when they get the opportunity for the same. One can observe the crowd near beauty parlors and people who apply mehndi designs which is proof that how much women love to look their best at this festival. Married women also get new karwa Chauth saree from her mother in law in sargi. Sargi is a ritual of karwa Chauth in which women wake up before sunrise and eat food items given by her mother in law. They wear this new saree for the special day. This also boosts the businesses of beauty parlors and mehndi walas.

For performing rituals

They perform these rituals because they believe in them, and they should because Indian festivals depict the culture of the country’s people. The younger generation should have knowledge about their traditions, and they should be proud of it. We should celebrate our festivities so that the young generation remains connected to its roots.

They break their fasts by seeing the moon and drinking water from their husband’s hands. After that, they can eat whatever they want. After this long day of fasting, they eat their favorite food items like fruits, sweets, or snacks.

Anyone can get bored of eating the same healthy food, and once in a while, the other kind of food items can also be consumed. They just want to enjoy it so they do the things which they like the most. Also, one should be carefree while celebrating festivals because stress can cause more health issues than anything else.

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