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Why chose FamiSafe app to protect my children safe offline


A few months ago, I searched for reliable tracking and parental control apps for cell phones. This research ended with understanding and obtaining complete information about the most reliable tracking and parental control application, FamiSafe Parental Control App. This is one of the most used parental control applications today. Of course there is a reason why this app has so many subscribers, we will discuss that in this article!

But why did I search for reliable tracking and parental control apps? I will show you the reasons!

Well, you need to understand how important it is to take care of your children. Little ones, in particular, can be quickly caught up in today’s fast, digitized life. The other fact is that you cannot be with your children all the time and keep an eye on their activities. You need a good location tracker then.

Some children are too curious about new things and tend to visit new and unknown places. At this point, you need a mentor. Not everyone with whom your children interact is trustworthy. In addition, you cannot force your child to donate their mobile device just as easily. Because they spend a lot of time on what is harmful to the mind and health.

Why I chose FamiSafe?

I am someone who is quite discreet about my spending and I will not spend my dollars on something I don’t really need. In the case of preventing kidnapping of children, you must ensure that their real-time location remains detected at all times. But you are human beings, just like me, incapable of watching them second by second. You need a tracking tool. 

You need a tracking tool that is able to track the real-time movements of your children anytime and anywhere. That’s why FamiSafe is so important. This tool is not only capable of tracking locations, but also capable of creating safe locations. When your kids leave these locations, FamiSafe immediately sends you a notification so you can immediately know and take action. With this tool, you can cut the risk of kidnapping by more than 50 percent (according to my estimate).

However, you should know that kidnapping children is often preceded by dangerous conversations (initiated by a child predator). You should be able to prevent these conversations, thereby reducing the risk of predators meeting your children in real (offline).

Luckily FamiSafe is more than just a location tracker. This is the complete package for your children’s safety, offline and online. With this tool, you can block adults who shouldn’t communicate with your children. You can also block social media applications, which are usually the main way for a child predator to find his target. And if we talk further, FamiSafe can prevent cyberbullying, Internet addiction, pornographic content, and many negative things that can come through cyberspace. 

Some of its main characteristics are the following:

Real-time location with technically advanced GPS.

Mobile activity monitoring.

Online browsing and content filtering.

Identify applications that distract, block or restrict their functionality and access.

Simple techniques for marking geographic fences.

Helps to check the location history and enabled browser history.

ScreenTime control.

Can detect suspicious text, instant notification.

Intelligent scheduling and application usage reports.

From the above features, it can be concluded that FamiSafe is not only able to function as a location tracker. This tool is a complete package for the safety of your dear children, offline and online. 

All negative impacts that can be caused by using the Internet can be minimized significantly. Imagine that you have a device that can be operated on your smartphone, it allows you to know the position of your children in real-time and not only that, you can prevent any kind of danger that might come to them in cyberspace. That’s what this great tool has to offer. Complete protection. 


You can download the app using the following links:

Google Play

App Store


How about the price?

Very affordable! You only need to pay less than $ 10 / month. If you take the Quarterly Plan and Annual Plan, you can pay less for FamiSafe services. I recommend an annual plan because the plan can protects up to 30 devices.

Monthly Plan: $ 9.99

Quarterly Plan: $ 19.99

Annual Plan: $ 59.99


With FamiSafe, tracking the location of your kids is as easy as doing a few clicks. And for all of its great features, you only need to pay less than $ 10 / month. What an attractive offer! Now you already understand why I stopped my search and chose the FamiSafe parental control app. This is more than just a tracking app. This is a guarantee of better safety for my children. Hopefully this article can be of use to you. Thanks for reading and give the app a try!


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