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Who Is Involved In The Content Process In EMIAC Technologies? Know It All From Divya Gandotra



Who Is Involved In The Content Process In EMIAC Technologies? Know It All From Divya Gandotra


Today, there are many digital agencies in the market that cater to the diverse requirements of their clients. But only a few are able to create a distinctive imprint on both their audience and market. 

We are talking about EMIAC Technologies Pvt Ltd, a digital agency that conquered plenty of milestones in a short span of time. Managed by a passionate, hardworking, and productivity-driven woman entrepreneur, Divya Gandotra, EMIAC has been able to bloom to its excellence within a few years. 

Some (Great) Things About Divya Gandotra

Starting her journey as a content writer, Divya gradually expanded her clientele and started serving global clients as well. Her zeal to do something bigger motivated her to establish a digital agency with her partners. Today she has a skilled team of prolific writers whom she considers the backbone of the company. 

The best trait of Divya Gandotra that has even made her successful in the field is that she considers her team a part of the company and not as mere employees. As a result, each and every team member works as a founder, CEO, or manager who wants to take the company to greater heights. 

Let’s see her success formula and who all are involved in the content creation process:

Creative Writers

At the top of the content, creation funnel stands the team of creative content writers who are responsible for curating quality, engaging and purposeful content for the clients. They are responsible for doing adequate research and brainstorming before they turn emotions into sales-worthy words. 

Pristine Editors

Once the content is created, it is passed on to the editing team, who keenly scrutinize the content and find possible errors to make the content flawless. Divya Gandotra has made sure that the editors are writers as well, so they understand the essence of the content. 

SEO Experts

Content is simply incomplete without the magic of SEO in it. EMIAC Technologies proudly boasts its team of SEO experts who are seasoned professionals in making content search engine friendly. Whether it is adding keywords or checking the trends, SEO experts are responsible for making content ready for the net. 

Graphic Designers

You can add more sense and engagement to the content with the help of graphics. Divya Gandotra believes that be it blog, article, social media content, web content, or a case study, the right blend of graphics can enhance the reach of any content form. For this, she has a team of amazing graphic designers who understand the content needs and design graphics that meet them all. 

Finally, Divya Herself

She believes in her team so much more than herself, but in order to ensure the quality and add her own creative inputs, she checks every piece of content. No matter how unearthly an hour it is, Divya Gandotra makes sure that every content goes through her before reaching the client. 

So, that’s how a great content creation process is concluded under the supervision of a content specialist. Truly it’s the success formula of EMIAC Technologies that Divya wishes to maintain. 

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