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Which Walking Shoe Are The Best Fitted for Overweight



Walking is an easy exercise for overweight people who want to lose weight. If you are facing an overweight problem, you need to exercise regularly.

For walking purposes, you need the right pair of shoes. If you don’t get the right pair, you will face difficulties in walking. A wrong pair of shoes can cause leg pain and arch pain.

If you are trying to buy a walking shoe for your overweight situation, then our mentioned walking shoe is the best solution for your inquiries. 

Read further to know more about walking shoes for overweight people.

Best Fitted Walking Shoe for Overweight Person

Some walking shoes for overweight walkers are given below for your help. As a result, you could find your desired one. They are-

1.   Asics Gel-Nimbus

Asics Gel-Nimbus is a little bit pricey, but its features are very demanding. The structure of the shoe is made for neutral feet types.

The softness of the shoe will make your day comfortable with a bouncy ride. The breathability of the shoe is quite amazing. If you are a beginner at walking, then buy Asics Gel-Nimbus for yourself.

2.   Brooks Beast

The brand of Brooks Beast is for men, and Brooks Ariel is for women. The upper part of the shoe is cozy, and the sole of the shoe is comfortable.

It is a motion control shoe. This shoe is a little bit heavy. Another feature is for wide feet people you can grab the size. 

3.   New Balance 840

If you are looking for a wider walking shoe, then New Balance 840 is another solution for you. The breathable part of the upper section is amazing.

The midsole cushion provides your feet with extra comfort. This shoe is a regular basis neutral foot walking shoe. This shoe provides stability to your arch so that you can move easily.

4.   Asics Gel-Kayano

If you are a beginner and want to start walking to lose weight, then Asics Gel-Kayano comes at the top of the list.

This shoe can provide you with a motion control amazing bouncy ride. The cozy upper and springy midsole is also amazing. It also has breathable features.

5.   Saucony Echelon

For being the midsole is very soft, they are best for heavy steps. It is perfect for neutral feet types. The other feature is, the width of the shoe is quite wider so that your feet can spread smoothly.

The shoe is durable for regular use. If you are an orthotic, then Saucony Echelon walking shoe is the best shoe for you.

6.   Skechers Afterburn

Skechers Afterburn is for men, and Skechers D’Lite is for women. The shoe is lightweight, and it has breathable features. The lace-up system provides your feet comfort.

The super shock-absorbing features and cushioned insole make the shoe unique. The shoe can be used for high traction purposes. The upper layer material is made of leather.

For walking purposes, there are many shoes in the market. Make sure you select the right one for yourself.

Some Verdict

Try to maintain the following tips while buying shoes for overweight people. These are given below-

1.   The shoe must be your arch type and provide arch support.

2.   The outsole must be durable.

3.   The cushioning part of the shoe must provide you comfort.

4.   It should have a breathable feature and shock absorbency.

5.   Check the size and fitness of the shoe.


For regular walking purposes, you need a perfect pair by which you can walk comfortably. Despite the look, you also need to think about comfort.

Check the fitness of the shoe. Also, make sure the pair is much wider for your feet. I hope this article has cleared your confusion. Make sure to buy the perfect pair for yourself.

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