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What’s the Ideal Business Card Thickness? Design 101

According to statistics, 27 million business cards are printed every day. 

If you’re looking to print a batch of business cards, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure they stand out. 

Want to know one of the biggest mistakes people make in business card design? Choosing the wrong business card thickness. 

Avoid this common mistake and continue reading to find out everything you need to know to choose the right card thickness.

Business Card Thicknesses Explained

Business cards typically come in four thicknesses. These are:

  • 14 pt 
  • 16 pt
  • 32 pt
  • 48 pt

To give you an idea of how thick these are, each point is 0.001 of an inch. Therefore, a 14 pt card is 0.014 inches thick.

The Thicker the Better

If you’re wondering what business card thickness to choose, the first thing to know is that the thicker the better (within reason).

The difference in cardstock thickness is hard to visualize, given that points are one thousand of an inch. 

To put it in sensory terms, a 14 pt business card will feel very flimsy and lightweight, just a little thicker than regular paper. A 16 pt business card has a little more substance to it but is still on the thinner side. 

A 36 pt business card starts to have a decent amount of substance and won’t bend easily. A 48 pt business card is as thick as they make them, and will feel weighty and ultra-durable and substantial. 

Here are some of the reasons why thicker business cards are better. 

Lux Feel

One of the biggest reasons why thicker business cards are better is that they give a lux feel in the hand. 

If someone picks up one of your business cards, and it feels lightweight and insubstantial, this is an instant message of poor quality. If your business card feels like a piece of paper in someone’s hand, they can easily assume that you’re a fly-by-night operation. 

According to reports, a whopping 72% of people will judge you by the quality of your business card. 

A thick, durable, and substantial business card is a sign of an established business that is prospering and reliable. 


Another advantage of dialing up on business card thickness is that thicker business cards are more durable. 

The longer your business cards hold up, the more chance they have of getting used. If your card starts looking scrappy after someone has handled it two or three times, it’s far more likely to go in the trash rather than their business cardholder. 

Thicker card stock also prevents people from being able to fold your card in half and obscure your branding. 

Extra Design Options

Besides being more durable, thicker cards also allow for more business card graphic design options. 

Thick card stock enables you to opt for elaborate die-cut designs, high clarity printing, high saturation colors, and more. 

These kinds of business card design elements can help make your business cards stand out further, and let customers know that you’re a trustworthy operation. 

Looking For More Informative Reads?

If you’re wondering how to design a business card that stands out and has the proper business card thickness, the best place to start is with card stock.

You don’t have to opt for 48 pt if it’s right out of your budget, but definitely look into 36 pt, and stay right away from 14 pt if you can. 

Are you looking for more informative reads? Browse our business section. 


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