What Will The Future Of Work Look Like Post COVID-19?


COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the whole world leading to a massive economic crisis. The HR leaders and the workers are nowadays following the new idea of work from home.

Many workers have also lost their jobs and are suffering a lot. The pandemic has led to colossal death and crisis, but it has also changed the current and future working norms. Considering the different aspects of working factors that the pandemic has affected, various elements need to be focused on more, which would help in re-boosting the economy and serve as the basis for all the HR leaders and the workers.

Work Trends Post COVID-19

The various work trends that can be adopted even after the end of the pandemic are as follows:

●       Remote working can be increased:- As per the ongoing situation is concerned, remote working is one of the best practices that have come as a change. In the future, the HR leaders and the managing community of almost all the organizations need to focus more and train all their workers to get more comfortable and habituated with remote working.

As per a recent Gartner poll whose result suggested that 48% of the employees would like to work remotely. In contrast, this number was only 30% when the pandemic was in its initial stage.

The experienced employee safety and well-being would also need to help out the organization and would need to share the employee experience strategies with other employees of the organization. Their valuable suggestions will be taken into count.

●       Building a Resilient Workforce:- This is one of the significant aspects that every organization can shift to. As of the situation, most organizations would look for digital transformation and can also opt to hire online with the help of the virtual environment.

They should look for proper team management and coordination in the whole group and team work is absolutely necessary. The companies might also take the help of various tracking methods to keep track of the employee safety and well being along with work and status. 

The organization or the business firm can also have virtual meetings to maintain proper coordination among the group members and engage them in the discussion on various aspects that can be improved by the organization or the firm to have better client responses.

●       Worker Expansion – The ongoing pandemic has resulted in many companies decreasing their contracts, and many workers worldwide have suffered a lot due to this. But these steps by the companies to reduce their contracts can be considered one of the major shifts.

The companies can look to hire more contingent workers and expand their working procedures as per the Gartner analysis. This process of looking for more contingent workers would increase flexibility in the workforce of the organizations. This can also lead to the introduction of other job models that several individuals have adopted during the pandemic.

These new job models can be like talent showcasing and many more. Most companies are shifting to hire more contingent workers, as this can be considered a cost-saving measure. This new style of hiring would require the HR leaders to put in all their efforts, and they would need to research if the contingent workers can give back the company the same profit as of their full-time peers.

●       Expanded Employer Role- As a result of the pandemic, many employers are forced to feature a major role in their mental, physical, and financial well-being of the employees. The employers are sure about their employees’ health, and they also make sure that the employees follow proper guidelines and allow them for sick leave, provide them with financial assistance, adjust hours of work, and ensure child care principles and provisions.

Some of the organizations have also supported the community by raising funds and free community services. The current scenario has also pushed employers on how to view the employee’s experience. Personal matters are more into focus rather than external skills.

These measures followed by employers can be an effective way to help the employees improve emotionally and would also promote physical health. The employees must maintain social distancing even after the end of the pandemic to remain safe.

●       Separation of critical health and critical roles:- This is a significant take away for all the employers previously. All the roles were considered to be the same, and some parts were of critical skills.

But the pandemic has made it quite clear for all the employers that there is one more aspect to focus that is a significant role. This role is essential to manage all the organization’s workers so that proper and smooth workflow is maintained, and this can have a substantial impact on the organization’s growth.

●       The emergence of new top-tier employers:- The scenario that the pandemic has created would lead to many employees judging an organization concerning the way they treated their workers during these tough times.

Employers must balance all the decisions they take today to improve their employment brand. They must look to support all the freshers in their organization to receive mutual respect from the employees.

For example, as of the current crisis, the higher officials of the organization should advise the CEOs and executive leaders on a decision with respect to reduction in the pay. It should ensure that respective financial impacts happen across the organization. 

●       From efficiency to resilience:- The companies and the employers might focus more on having a structured plan that can be shared with all the organization employees before their work so that they would get a decent idea, which would maintain proper flexibility in the workflow.


The employers of the companies might also customize their business units according to the group’s needs. They can earn more profit and come up with more job trends, which would inevitably lead to the hiring of more individuals and growth in the economic aspect of their business unit.     

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