What Jobs Can You Get With Certificate 3 in Aged Care?


Australia aims at providing utmost care and attention to their elderly residents. That’s why the aged care sector of the country recruits competent professionals from overseas all through the year. Now the question arises that how to become an eligible offshore aged care worker for a nation like Australia? The best way to do this is by applying for the certificate III in aged care course from Perth, Australia.

Aging vs. Disability vs. Home and Community

At present, the course of certificate iii in aged care is offered in three individual fields. These include the sectors of Disability, Home and Community and Aging. Whichever amongst these three courses you finish it will make you eligible for various job opportunities. So, before focusing on their relevant job prospects, let’s get acquainted quickly with each of the certificate iii programs first.

  1. Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)

The Certificate iii in Individual Support Perth (disability) program chiefly deals with the sphere of disability. This course includes both theoretical and practical learning about aged people impaired with a disability. More specifically, this course teaches you to provide support and care to such people to retain their self-worth and dignity. Besides, you will also develop the necessary skills to ensure complete welfare and independence for elderly people inflicted with disabilities. You will grow the capacity to communicate effectively with your specially-abled patients as well.

Course Duration

The total duration of the certificate III in individual support course Perth is 11 weeks. You need to dedicate 8 weeks to your classroom studies. The remaining 3 weeks has to be optimised to get a hands-on experience in your chosen field. You need to attend 4 classes every week i.e. 32 classes altogether for your classroom learning.

Expected organizations to work

Individuals’ and community group homes and supported accommodations are the pertinent organizations where you can work upon your course’s completion.

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Aging and Home Community)

This particular course opens a gateway for you for the home care sector of Australia. So, it teaches you about all the relevant skills and knowledge accordingly. This course also involves practical and theoretical learning pertaining to the most crucial facets of aged care.  In response to this, you can provide support and care to aged people requiring constant assistance. It can be due to their inability to support themselves or help required as a result of aging.

Course Duration

To complete this certificate iii aged care program successfully, you need to invest a time-frame of 10-11 weeks. This duration is furthermore divided into 7 weeks for classroom learning and 4 weeks for hands-on experience.

Possible Places to Work

After the completion of the said course, you can expect to work in a few of the places outlined below.

  • Day Care Centres
  • Residential Aged Care Facilities and
  • Community Homes.

At present, there are 9000 aged care organizations in the whole of Australia served by around 3000 workers. So, you too can become a part of this team by completing the said aged care course from Australia.

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Aging)

The qualification obtained from this particular Aged Care Course allows you to work at a residential aged care organization. Through comprehensive sessions of practical and theoretical learning it develops various essential skills and knowledge in you. By optimising these skills, you can provide care and support to aged people of certain categories. These elderly people need assistance due to several intricate requirements and most importantly because of aging.

Development of Pertinent Skills

This course develops various relevant skills in you pertaining to the personal care, welfare and independence of the elderly people. In short, completion of this course lets you ensure an optimum well-being, health and lifestyle for your aged care patients.

Course Length

Want to complete this course successfully? Then you will have to dedicate a time period of 11 months in total.  The classroom and hands-on mode of learning will be comprised of a duration of 7 and 4 weeks respectively.

Where can you work?

As already said that accomplishment of this course lets you work in different types of residential aged care organizations.

Statistics say that in 2016-17, the Australian government contributed an amount of AU$12.1 billion to its residential aged care sector. So, you can easily presume the level of popularity this Industry enjoys in the whole of Australia. Then, it’s high time that you too establish a rewarding career over thereby completing the pertinent course properly.

Job Outcomes

No matter which aged care certificateIII course you have completed, you will become eligible for the following job roles.

  • Respite Care Worker
  • Personal Care Attendant
  • Care Companion
  • Community Care Worker
  • Support Worker
  • Multi-Skilled Aged Care Worker and
  • Personal Care  Worker

So, want to give the most promising kick-start to your career as an aspiring aged care professional? Then, complete any of the certificate III in aged care courses stated above and become eligible for suitable jobs.

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