What Is Scrap Metal


The term scrap translates to something that is discarded either because it is not required or because it has been used for quite some time. Scrap material consists of metallic and non –metallic parts of vehicles and industrial machines that are discarded by the factories or small businesses over time. However, this discarded material is not at all waste. It can be very useful, hence why scrap metal dealers and businesses usually run without any loss.

What Is Scrap Metal?

When the factories manufacture metal parts for different products like vehicles, industrial machines, and even domestic machines, these parts are manufactured in bulk. These parts are usually made in excess that is later disposed of in landfills. These metal parts are in good condition and can easily be recycled to make new products. Most new businesses such as machine assembling, vehicle repair, etc invest in these scrap metals to renew their products. Because these metal parts are disposed of, does not mean they do not have any value. According to research, the U.S. Scrap material industry was worth $90 billion in the year 2012. Each year this value has been increasing since then because of the huge demand for scrap metals by several flourishing and old businesses.

Where to Find Scrap Metal?

Most of the scrap material is dumped into massive landfills that include metals of all sorts. These metals are then sorted by categories by the scrap metal dealers and scrap dealing industries. Each country has different types of locations for storing metal scraps but most scraps can be found on dry landfills to avoid corrosion of the metal quickly. The scrap is then bought from those landfills directly through the dealer with negotiation in the price depending on the number of parts you are getting.

These days you can also find scrap markets online and can make a deal on the internet. Your order will then be shipped to your factory to avoid the hassle of visiting the scrap metal sites. The scrap metal per KG is usually fixed on the internet but can be negotiated when buying in person.

You can also get your hands on a small amount of scrap metal from local businesses like auto repair shops, machine repair businesses, and metal furniture workshops. Look for the discarded pieces that can help you grow your business without spending a huge sum of money on new metal parts.

Most Valued Scrap Metals:

From iron to copper to steel to aluminium, you can find a variety of metals in the landfills or scrap dealing business. However, there are a few types of metals that have a higher selling value than any other metals. This value is not calculated in terms of monetary worth or the product but the high demand each metal possesses.


Copper is one of the most wanted metals in the scrap metal market. It is usually bought by electronic industries to use for the safe wiring of their products. Copper is known to have a smooth conductivity of electric power which makes it one of the highly demanded metals.


Steel is also high in demand in the scrap industry because of its countless use. It is easier to buy bulk steel scrap than to produce it in the factory for everyday appliances.


Aluminium is a no brainer as it is one of the most used metals in our everyday lives. Businesses invest a huge amount in aluminium scraps for making appliances, crockery, kitchen necessities, food-grade packaging, etc.

Scrap metal dealers all around the world are running their business successfully because of the high demand for scrap metals. Now with all this information, you can use it for yourself too!

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