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What is a Capability Statement?

What is a Capability Statement?

Have you ever tried submitting documents to important organizations? Have you wondered why a capability statement is needed? Do you want to know if a capability statement can influence the growth of your organization? These questions will be answered.

Capability Statement Explained

A capability statement is a clear and expert-written statement that serves as a communication means. It is merely how quickly and briefly you can tell a client or prospective client what your firm does and what they stand to gain by doing business with your firm. A capability statement includes your accreditations, business credentials, competencies, and achievements in just one properly and carefully written professional and detailed document.

Why does your business need a capability statement?

By reading a few lines of this piece, you might have seen a capability statement and why it is significant for your business, but that doesn’t explain all you need to know. Your organization should have a capability statement for so many reasons. One must carefully relay important information about your business, employees, partners, stakeholders, suppliers, and business ability to customers.

A capability statement is essential for your business because it provides the target audience with important information about your business that will help them decide whether they are willing to do business with your firm.

Also, a capability statement differentiates your firm from competitors. It helps to reinforce your value and proposition and your business image. It is essential to include a capability statement in your documents when trying to arouse the interest of new clients. 

How to prepare a capability statement

After having figured out the essentials of a capability statement, the next thing is how to write it. A carefully written capability statement can win the heart of any client, but if not correctly written, it might not convince your target audience. A properly written capability statement can also consume your energy and time. That is why it is advisable to employ the service of a professional copywriter when planning on writing a capability statement. This will save you the stress and give you the perfect result.

There are specific contents a well-written capability statement must include, such as appealing graphics that can compel and essential content that can land you your next contract. How voluminous a capability statement will be is determined by your target audience and where you want to present the capability statement.

If you want to go through with writing your capability statement yourself, there are specific details you should not leave out. They include core competencies, company profile, contact details, significant clients, and details about all your completed jobs. Also, your area of competence and expertise, a compelling description of your goods and services, and a list of your management team and their expertise should be included in your capability statement. 

Here are a few tips that can guide you in drafting a good capability statement and persuading your target audience.

  • Make your capability statement simple.
  • Add graphics to bolster your brand values.
  • Write majorly for your audience; include essential details they need to know about your firm.
  • Use the proper language terminologies for your target audience. You can write different copies of a capacity statement based on your target audience.
  • Expatiate on the advantages and features of your business and how you can help solve customers’ problems.
  • Check out your first draft and give others to help you check out. 


Whether a professional copywriter writes your capability statement on your behalf or does so yourself, a capability statement should be a backup for all the documents presented to a prospective client to prove your capability and competence. For more, read interesting articles click here!

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