What Happens Throughout A Carpet Steam Cleaning Service?


Carpets are part of every home these days; they increase the beauty of the room. However, people often neglect regular carpet steam cleaning, which is very important for ensuring that your carpets are perfectly clean. Dirty carpets are a threat to your health as well. We are going to discuss the steps which cleaning services follow when cleaning your carpets. 

Start by cleaning the room

The first step is cleaning the room, and you should remove everything from the room, just keep heavy items in the room like furniture. You can wrap the legs of the furniture with protective paper, etc. generally, people use wax paper on the furniture’s legs when steam cleaning carpets. It becomes easy to clean the carpets when the room is empty. Sometimes people move the furniture and other items to one side of the room and clean the other side of the carpet. When it becomes dry, the furniture and other belongings are moved to the dry part, and the other side is cleaned. When you remove all items from the carpets, dust the dashboards, ceiling fans, and the corners of the room. The dust from these places falls directly on the carpet. 

Vacuum the carpets carefully

Steam carpet cleaning usually starts by removing the dust particles from the carpet using vacuum cleaners. However, the large pieces of dirt and the hairs of the pets remain on the carpets. Make sure that you are slowly cleaning the room to remove all unnecessary items from it. You should vacuum the room twice if you want good results from the cleaning. When you are steam cleaning the carpets, keep a stain remover as well, it could be used for removing the bad spots from the carpets. When you treat the stains on the carpet in advance, the steam cleaning becomes easy. 

Prepare the steam cleaner

After vacuuming the carpets, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne would prepare the steam cleaner for cleaning the carpets by filling hot water in it. Don’t overfill the tank; add water as mentioned in the manual of the machine. Professional services would check the type of the carpet as well before using the steam cleaning method. The fabric of the carpets may shrink at times; therefore, it is important to read the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding carpet cleaning before using the steam cleaning process. When the cleaner is filled with soap, the next step is adding soap to the steam cleaner. Some modern machines have specific compartments where you need to put the soap, and some machines direct the users to mix the soap in the water directly. People often think that steam is going to clean the carpet. Still, it is the detergent used in the water, and if you are considering natural options, you can use vinegar for cleaning the carpets. 

Steam the carpet

The next step in the carpet cleaning is steaming the carpet. You should start from the corners because they are usually left untouched during the cleaning. Make sure that you don’t walk on the parts of the carpet, which are already cleaned. Ensure that you are using the machine as directed; the steam cleaners put the hot water on the carpet and then suck the water, which resultantly kills all the germs because of the heat. The dirty water is sucked back in the machine. Ensure that you read the machine’s manual in detail and follow it during the cleaning process. Experts also recommend that steam cleaners should be used in long lines; you can pass the same line twice for completely removing the dust and bacteria from it. Using the steam cleaner is different from the vacuum cleaner; therefore, you should look for professional help when cleaning the carpets. The professional services would slowly use the machine to ensure that it works effectively and remove the dust and bacteria from the carpet. 

Dry the carpet

Carpet cleaning services allow the carpets to dry when the cleaning is finished. Most of the carpets take around 8 hours for drying. You can wear plastic bags or plastic socks and walk over the carpet to find places that still have dirt spots and clean them again. You can put the carpet in the sunlight for quick drying and, if placed in the room, place a sign on the entrance of the room so that all the people entering the room knows that carpet is wet. Open the home’s windows and doors for quick cleaning. Some professional services use high power fans as well and direct them towards carpets for quick drying. 

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