What are the cheapest days to fly on American Airlines?


There is no harm in trying to search for the cheapest flight while traveling. However, we struggle to find the best days to book a seat using the American Airlines reservation at the lowest price. Firstly, let’s start with a little history of American Airlines. 

American Airline History

American Airlines is one of the largest and the most used airlines globally and is even ahead of United Airlines. It offers several destinations and a range of fleets to transport passengers annually. American Airlines provides flights for more than 350 different cities spread across South America, Asia, North America, and Europe. It is the founding member of the global alliance Oneworld, one of the most important among the three alliances globally. In the year 2011, this airline declared bankruptcy due to mismanagements that lasted for decades. However, at present, it is once again the benchmark for the rest of the airlines. 

Best days to book a flight with American Airlines

As we all know, American Airlines open their booking window to book a ticket up to 331 days in advance from the scheduled flight departure. Their window closes two hours before the take-off.

However, the experts have always recommended that the flight fares in the USA fluctuate during the weekdays and are usually the lowest on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is because most airlines publish their deals and offer either on Monday evening or Tuesday morning, making the competing airlines lower their prices by Tuesday noon. 

Tips for finding the best deals on flight tickets with American Airlines

  • Try comparing the fares with thorough research with the other airlines to ensure you are getting the cheapest option. 
  • As suggested earlier, try booking your flights on weekdays, especially on a Tuesday, to utilize the benefit of the lowest price to book your flight ticket. 
  • The experts always advise to sign up for airfare alerts and activate notifications to ensure you are being alerted whenever a new deal is launched.
  • Try booking your flights for bigger Airports as they usually have cheaper flights due to the population of passengers traveling on that route. 

Online Check-in option for American Airlines

The American Airlines online check-in service aims to offer its passengers the possibility of confirming their seats, making the necessary changes with their booking, and many more right from the comfort of their home by either using their website or their application. However, the deadline to check-in for American Airlines is 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure and closes 45 minutes before the plane takes off.

To carry out this process, all you have to do is access the American Airlines website and enter, in the fields indicated, the passenger’s name and booking ID or confirmation number. nOnce entered, the user will have access to select their seats and print their boarding passes if required.

Check-in Baggage Allowance 

Checking in with just a suitcase is a straightforward process with American Airlines and can be carried out online. In this way, when arriving at the airport, the user can go directly to the check-in counter to deliver their luggage without any hassle. 

However, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, the number of items that can be checked-in for a single passenger varies depending on the type of flight. For instance, for Trans-Pacific or Transatlantic routes, the maximum number is 10, while if they are intercontinental, it is 5. In any case, the stipulated weight for each item is a maximum of 23 kg. This can be increased to 32 kg if the passenger is traveling in First Class or Business Class. You can even pay extra to carry luggage of that weight. After adding the length, width, and height and the result, the maximum dimension cannot be greater than 158 cm.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

American Airlines offers each passenger the possibility to carry either a handbag, a backpack, or a laptop bag. The only requirement is that these items can be stored under the front seat during the flight. In a few cases, the airline has the condition that the overall height, width, and length of the bag cannot exceed 91 cm. Specifically, the allowed dimension for the carry-on bag is 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm.

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