What Are The Causes Of Crooked Teeth? Are You At Fault?


have you ever looked at people with perfectly straight teeth and wonder how fortunate does one have to be to have a smooth, straight smile? Well, it is true that your smile is a significant part of your personality, and having twisted, overlapping, or that of irritating crooked teeth can immensely affect your confidence. 

But the great news is that luck doesn’t have anything to do with the looks of your teeth. There are a couple of logical reasons why teeth grow in crooked.  Moreover, even if you have some crooked teeth, that is okay. You can ensure that you take some treatment and get them aligned. You can go for crooked teeth treatment in india and ensure that your teeth are perfect and smooth.

Are there any reasons of crooked teeth?

well, since you know that there are treatments that you can take to get your teeth fixed, you must not worry. However, it is always a plus to stay informed about the causes of crooked teeth. following are some quick points to give you a glimpse.

Thumb Sucking 

Kids who suck their thumb for several years often end with these crooked teeth. The pressure from the thumb reliably applied to the still-growing gums triggers the teeth to grow in crooked, mainly outwards. The issues of crooked teeth are more likely if this habit continues until the age group of toddlers.

Tongue Thrusting 

Tongue thrusting is another thing that has the same impact on the teeth as thumb sucking. It can end up in misaligned bites, mainly an overbite, i.e., protruding your upper teeth.


Yes, it is true. Kids often get crooked teeth from their parents. If the crooked teeth issues run down in the family, the children are probable to have crooked permanent teeth too even if they are following good oral care habits. So, sometimes, it is simply not your fault, you did your job of keeping your teeth safe. but the problem laid with your genetics.

Misaligned Teeth 

Misaligned teeth or malocclusion  is something that emerges when the size of your upper or the lower jaw is smaller than usual. Misaligned jaws end up in problems such as overbite and underbite. In an overbite, the upper set of teeth overhangs over the lower teeth, and in an underbite, the lower set of teeth protrudes over the upper teeth.

Facial Injury 

Facial trauma, like a jaw injury in childhood, may end up in displaced teeth or misaligned bites. The reason is the jaw shifting somewhat from its original position, which causes your teeth to grow in crooked. Facial injuries can also result in tooth loss. And when there is open space in a jaw, the rest of your teeth tend to shift to cover that space.


To sum up, you relax because you can do things to make it better. you must check out crooked teeth treatment cost in india and get a suitable treatment for your teeth. After all, your smile matters and you should not take a chance. When a single treatment can heal your pain and fix your teeth issue, you can be more confident about your looks and personality.

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