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What are the benefits of screen printing?


Screen Printing is a technique coming from the adam but is still being used as a fresh comer. For those of you who don’t know what screen printing is, screen printing is a technique in which a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, and then it leaves the area that is made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.

Screen Printing is still considered as one of the cheapest yet the most used way than digital printing, and the benefits if compared are in favor of screen printing. It has become an “old school way” of printing and still is used to print other items like mugs, pillows, bottles, etc. This process is way more beneficial than any different printing process and is also the most popular way to print even today.

Being a beneficial way of printing, some benefits of screen printing are:

~ Can produce bulk orders at low cost: Personalise Clothing is infamous for its low-cost bulk production method. Many businesses opt for screen printing to produce orders in bulk. It is usually reserved for large orders because every color requires its fabrication; this means the more the demand, the cheaper the cost will be.

Today screen printing has become a more systematic technology based on its well-known and highly-evolved analog principles. The screen printing equipment, systems, and processes have given a lot of stability and dependability. This had made it more cost-effective than digital printing for extensive manufacturing facilities that need complex graphics reproduction jobs.

~ It produces lasting quality designs: Designs produced by screen printing are acclaimed to last longer because the printing is done with the great thickness of the ink. That is why products created with this method can withstand stress more than other techniques without losing print quality. This is because of the more massive ink coverage that helps produce a superior image resolution and more attractive colors also help make their graphics more durable and resilient.

~ Multiple inks can be used: Screen Printing allows a various amount of inks being used at the same time. This helps a lot in design because there are no limitations to what design can be made, thus conquering every possibility. Also, because the screen printing process has been perfected so many times that today it can have a quality look on a variety of substrate materials like glass, paper, plastic, textiles, and whatnot. Today engineering has crossed its limitations and can produce high-quality images, designs, and decorations in any environment it is exposed to. The products produced by this method are found everywhere in a human’s daily routine.

~ Can be printed on a variety of materials: Be it plastic, glass, metal, wood surfaces; natural or synthetic fabrics; three-dimensional or large format, screen printing technology can be applied to the process to achieve quality and cost-effective results. With digital printers, many materials are not available, and their technology isn’t developed as well.

~ Its setup is cost-effective: If we see from a management perspective, maintenance, repairs, replacement parts, and new components are much more economical to buy and simple to implement. It is way easier to install and less costly to set up than a digital Printing Machine. Any digital technology is prone to frequent hardware and software updates and sees obsoletion in its cycle. But in screen printing, there is an increase in output, accelerated adapted timelines, and reduces the downtime. This is why screen printing machinery retains their original value better, faces less wear and tear, and attracts a better resale value, which may not be the case in digital as once they see an update in software or hardware, their value diminishes.

These are some of the reasons why screen printing is beneficial, and it is so essential to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Screen printing is more viable as it reduces costs and still maintains high-quality and can produce bulk orders. The vibrant designs and their resistance to the graphics produced in screen printing make them useful in various scenarios than digital printing. In today’s marketplace, screen printing machinery and materials perform way better than the complex and expensive digital printing systems. Thus screen printing has proved to be way more beneficial than any method out there.

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