Frontier Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Traveling with pets? Know the Frontier Pet Travel Policy Before You Book!


Furry friends prove to be the best travel companions. Pets are the same as family. That’s why whenever we are traveling abroad and know that’s going to be more than a day trip, we ought to take them along. But does the airline will allow? Is it safe to travel with pets? Can they travel with me without any issues? These questions buzz up your mind. Fret not, Folks! Frontier Airlines Reservations has the answer to all these questions. But before you book, here’s all you should know about the Pet Travel Policy while you think of making Frontier Airlines Reservations.

Frontier Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Frontier Airlines permits cats,  dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, or small domestic birds to be domesticated on flights within the United States for a one-way directional charge of $99. Only domesticated dogs and cats can be brought in and out of international destinations. For safety reasons, your pet must always be kept in the suitcase. They do not allow pets as checked luggage.

How can I make reservations for my pet?

After confirming your travel plan, please call Frontier Airlines immediately to ensure that your Fido or pet can get a  predetermined location. You can contact the customer service team. Passengers should keep in mind that several flights served by Frontier Airlines’ partners, including Great Lakes Airlines, do not accept pets in the cabin.

Pets in the Frontier Airlines Cabin 

If your tin pet meets the in-cabin travel requirements according to the Frontier Airlines pet policy, then you will need an approved airline pet carrier. The pet container must be having a waterproof base, and enough space for standing and turning around, and must be securely secured and adequately ventilated. 

Dogs and cats must be four months old to fly on Frontier Airlines Reservations flights. Pet carriers are not included in the carry-on baggage restrictions. As excess baggage, additional fees will be charged. You can book for your pets online when booking. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the transportation of your pet at the time of check-in. No health certificate is required when flying pets within the United States. International flights will provide health certificates according to country/region requirements. When checking in, you must provide any other documents required by the destination country.

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