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Top Things to Check Before Getting a Place to Live in Dubai


Dubai is easily one of the most desirable places to live in. This has been proved by the millions of searches people make every day trying to get themselves into a residential place in the emirate. Whether it’s for themselves or for an investment, buyers are looking for flats, apartments and villas for sale in Dubai. Although the attention and interest are divided into different sections of the city for various purposes, Dubai still proves to be the most desired location in the UAE.

With so many people looking for places to live, the problem becomes about whether or not people are making the right decision. Since it’s an irreversible decision that is going to stick with you long-term, you can’t afford to make mistakes. That’s why it’s important that you check these things before you decide on a place to live in:

Your Budget

The most important aspect that is going to be responsible for almost everything down the line is your budget. Needless to say, you can’t decide on anything that is out of it. Moreover, you certainly wouldn’t want to compromise too much on the comfort and ease just to spare a few dirhams.

So, how do you go about your budget planning? Let’s consider all the costs you’ll be accruing excluding the rent and security deposit.

You’ll be accruing DEWA and RERA fee since you’re going to legalize and officiate your move in. Since you don’t want to be scammed or held liable for any legal issues down the road, you’ll need professionals by your side. Having a real estate agent is not a debate and it’s certainly not an added expense that you can ignore. Even if you find the property and run background checks on everything yourself, you still need someone to bear the burden of the legal work.

Moreover, you’ll need to consider moving expenses along with governmental taxes that you’ll accrue on your transaction. For tenants, you’ll need an official agreement signed and legitimized in court. For buyers, you’ll need to do more than that and get every document attested as well. This will require time and money.

After all this, it’s easy to calculate the rent, maintenance and parking fee that you’ll pay on a monthly basis. From there on, you can figure out your monthly income, expenses and the spare amount you can save up.

The Location

A property’s location has everything to do with you. Not only does it determine the property’s value but it also gives you an idea of the kind of life you can have there. Whether you’re moving into the JLT, JVC, Dubai Marina, Internet or Media City, etc. each area has different amenities and facilities along with other features. Suffice it to say, there are differences of opinion on what your individual needs are but not on the prices that these areas offer.

You’ll get a better idea about current rates from various property finders. However, the question falls upon you to figure out what you want from your new home. The kind of amenities you want and proximity to nearby markets along with your workplace will determine what suits you. Try going for something that’s close to your workplace to reduce daily commuting expenses.

The Property Itself

You’ll have to make sure that the property you’re going for has everything that it promises. This includes inspections of the residence along with the amenities that are offered in the original agreement. A lot of things look good on paper or in theory but the reality can be different. This is something that you don’t want happening to you because it’s difficult to back out of a done deal. Moreover, you don’t want to waste your time either. Therefore, you should make sure you have ample time to check out the property as many times as you want. Whether it’s a small flat for a rent or a huge villa for sale, run proper inspections and ensure that the property is good to go. There should be no outstanding dues or taxes along with any physical damages to the property.

The worst mistake that people make while moving to another place is being in a hurry. You’ll need time to check out everything a couple of times before actually finding something worth deciding on. Here, you’ll need more than a few options in order to make a well-informed decision. This will also help you in your negotiations since you’ll have backup options to consider as well. Don’t go rushing into anything that you’ll regret later.

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