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Top Competitive Mobile Games for 2023


Mobile gaming is the most significant part of the gaming industry because of the revenue these providers are making. Many of them are not making competitive games where you have tournaments and leagues being played each season, but there are still a lot of investments in mobile eSports.


PC and console games are still considered more important when it comes to eSports, but everything depends on where you live at. There’s a vast mobile culture in Asia where people spend 99% of their time on a phone instead of a PC. They play online casino games and offline games that they can enjoy.


The competitions in Asia are massive, and the viewership can be compared to the top PC tournaments. An excellent thing for every gamer is that it’s easier to adapt to a mobile platform than to compete with pro PC or console players.

Mobile Legends

The number one of most lists when it comes to mobile eSports is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which isn’t the same as League of Legends on a PC. They made something that looks similar but is much different, considering that every champion uses various spells and the strategy is much different.


South East Asia cup is an excellent example of how important mobile gaming is for them. It’s a single tournament where only nine countries are involved, but the teams are splitting $300K. If they decide to make something like the World Cup, the pool prize won’t be under $2 million, an average for the top games. Compared to 2021, the pool prize for this year was twice the bigger, which is a massive thing for the teams.

Wild Rift

Wild Rift is made by RIOT, the same game provider that made League of Legends, and they are slowly taking over the market for similar games, including Mobile Legends. They are already in the 5th season, but it’s actually the second year after the release. A great thing about them is that they have a massive budget for most of their games, and they can afford big tournament prizes.


The Wild Rift Worlds was already organized in June of 2022, and the prize pool was $2 million. It could be even higher, but they decided that this number is significant for the beginning. It’s a very competitive game, but most pro players from LoL are doing great in Wild Rift, and they reach the Challenger rank easily.

Call of Duty Mobile

Most FPS players said that Call of Duty changed the way FPS mobile games feel because of the fantastic graphics. It’s tough to play FPS games on a phone because you need to use more than two fingers in order to perform on a professional level. COD is an exception because you can optimize everything in-game.


They exist a bit longer than Wild Rift but also have the prize pool for their Worlds tournament at $2 million. It seems that most game providers are setting a limit at this point because many games also have $2 million for their championship.

PUBG Mobile

Another FPS game that took the scene a while ago is PUBG which also has a PC version that was more popular than Fortnite, but people tend to switch between FPS games a lot. An interesting thing about their eSports community is that the prize pool for 2021 was around $6 million. It’s one of the biggest tournaments for a mobile game that lasts almost a month because many teams and players are participating.


The amount they mention isn’t as it seems because that’s the overall budget for the qualifiers and the championship. For example, the $7 million they discussed for 2022 was split between World Invitational and Global Championship. This is even better for professional teams because they have two chances to win amazing prizes. In the end, the winner of the Worlds Invitational goes home $525K richer.


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