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Top 5 Platforms To Download Online Videos From Facebook And YouTube.


Maneuvering one’s way through Facebook or YouTube, a video sharing platform is increasingly becoming very vital in today’s world, especially, with virtually everything needed to live a comfortable life and also to generate some form of income are made available there.

The website created by the three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim does not just host entertainment stuff but meaningful educational materials including cooking, decorations, events, technology, accessories, name them.

These resources had made the website one of the most sought after in recent time, however, at the moment it does not offer any direct download functionality for its teaming users who wish to download the video they wish to keep for later purposes.

Well, there is still away out and that is what I bring you in today’s article.

5 top websites you can use to download that life-changing video among others you have been yearning to have on your computer, being it laptop or desktop.

The 5 top websites you can use in downloading your videos; is one of the most convenient and fastest sites to download Youtube Video in different formats such as mp3, mp4, SQ, HD, Full HD, etc up to 4k resolution. The site can also suitable for downloading both Facebook and Instagram videos by just following these steps,

  • Open on your computer
  • Copy the URL link of the video to download
  • Paste URL link in the
  • Click on download
  • Select save and ok and your video is ready. has been described as the best online Facebook video downloader of all time, but I call it the multitasker. You will never go wrong using to download videos from over a hundred known video platforms, convert the videos to MP3 or audio to be used as a ringtone on mobile phones, etc.

To download Facebook videos using

  • Open website
  • Copy and paste the URL link of the video to download.
  • Click on the Convert button
  • Select video quality, format, and size of your choice to download.
  • Click on Download

Note: If you choose to save the Facebook video still in video form, the video will start playing after clicking on download. Right-click on the video, select save video as, give a file name and then save.

However, if you opt for audio or MP3, after clicking on download, select save and ok to complete the download YouTube Downloader is my one favourite online YouTube downloader website due to the simplicity of the interface it presents. Unlike the earlier ones that every click will take you to a new interface, present all of them on one interface, in effect you see the first interface where you pasted the URL link while you choosing the quality and particular format you want and even when you proceed with the other steps.

The website is one of the convenient, simple and definitely, a must-use. can also be used to convert videos to audio and offers up to 4k resolution.

To use to download videos,

  • Open the website in a new tab.
  • Copy and paste the YouTube video link in the paste link space provided
  • Choose format and resolution and click download
  • Click on save file and ok to complete the process
  • If you want to extract the audio, click on get audio, MP3, and finally, save file and ok to complete the download also known as YouTube Downloader is one of the clean and safe video free online downloading sites to use any time any day. It also offers an opportunity to easily convert a youtube video from one format to others, notably, MP4 and 3 and also 3GP, etc. 

To download videos using follow these

  • Open the website in a new tab.
  • copy and paste the video link in
  • Click on convert.
  • Chose a format
  • Click on Get link
  • Click on download
  • And finally, save and ok to complete the download is also a Facebook downloader that can be used to download which is very useful in downloading videos and tutorials which does not have any music content in them.

It a free site and can be used to convert videos to various formats including MP4 and MP3.

To download your favourite videos and tutorials using Clip Converter,

  • Open the clip converter
  • Copy and paste the Facebook video link and click continue
  • Choose a format to convert the video and press the start button to complete the conversion.
  • Click on download
  • Click on save file and ok to complete.
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