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Top 5 iOS Action Video Games


There are many iOS video games out there that are as entertaining as the other console games. Now you can play the best video games comfortably on your bed. Let us look into some of the best action games for your iOS that will keep you entertained all the way.

Alto’s Adventures

Alto’s Adventure is an action sport, an adventure video game that was developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc for Android and iOS users. The game is free to download on any iOS device; it follows the journey embarked on by Alto and his friends as they snowboard across the endless locations. Feature of this video game:

  • They journey through beautiful alpine hills, villages, long abandoned ruins and ancient woodlands.
  • Players come across several objectives.
  • They are required to rescue runaway llamas, grind on rooftops, and leap over mountains that are terrifying and outwit.
  • Alto’s adventure is physics based video game with fluid and graceful movements.
  • The game has effects like lighting, weather changes such as thunderstorm, fog, shooting stars, blizzards, rainbows, and other types of weathers.
  • The games interface is easy to learn, there are 6 snowboards that you have to discover. Every snowboard has a special attribute.
  • Players can maximize speed and improve their characters skills.

Shadow Fight 2

This video game is the second installment in the Shadow Fight series. It is an action, fighting role playing video game with 2D graphics and killer fights. Defeat your opponent with your fighting skills. The game takes its players “Underworld” where they fight for survival only the best will be declared champion. Features o the game:

  • The game has life like details, and combat sequences.
  • The control of the video game is easy to handle.
  • Players can kick, punch, slash and jump to defend themselves.
  • There are demon bosses that players have to defeat to move forward in the game.
  • There are 6 different worlds that players journey through.
  • Players can customize their character and the weapons, armor suite along with upgrading their magical powers.

Cover Fire: offline shooting game:

Cover Fire is a first-person shooting game that was developed by Lisanilssonart Games, the video game is loaded with action and fights. The game is set in an open environment where players face many opponents and fight for survival. There are many locations in the game that are different and layers can do many things. Features of the games:

  • The game has 3D graphics and realistic visuals.
  • It is easy to control the mechanics and shoot other opponents.
  • The can be played offline and have several, campaigns, challenges, sniper shooting battles, and other events like Black Ops and Zombie Survival.
  • There are locations that take players in the jungles, on water boars, urban places etc.
  • There are 12 chapters that players have to complete, and various weapons ranging from guns to snipers and grenades.
  • Players can compete against other players in online mode.

Infinity Blade

It is an action role playing video game which was developed by Chair Entertainment in collaboration with Epic Games. This game was especially released for iOS devices and was released on Apple Store. There game takes place in a ruined castle where the entire one on one fights take place. Players take on a role of a warrior and fights with the monsters and creature that are in the castle. Features of the game are:

  • Players get weapons like a Sword to battle with the enemy.
  • The control icons are on the screen of the phone.
  • Players can parry attacks, duck left or right, dodge them, and can see their heath in the health bar.
  • There are various levels in the video game. Each level consists of different bosses.
  • Winning battles allows players to level up their character.
  • Players can use attacks like super attack and magic heals.
  • The game has 3D graphics and excellent sound effects.

Modern Combat 5

The video game was developed by Gameloft SE, it is an action fighting role playing video game, and the game takes place in a battle field where a war is going on. Players are to defeat the bad guys and win the game, but it is not easy to that.

  • Players are to create a team from 9 classes, it’s up to them who they invite and add.
  • There are high power guns and other military weapons.
  • Players need to upgrade their character with the help of the card they collect.
  • There are squads vs. squad matches in multiplayer mode.
  • There is much more that you will like about the game from its 3D graphics to the sound effects and the game play.
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