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Top 2 best selling Android phones of 2020 with full details


Phone companies have made efforts and released new phones with amazing new features each and every year. This gives the user a hard time to choose the best amongst them. We have combined a list of the top phones according to their performance, design, popularity, and durability.

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01. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Release date:  August 2019

Size : 6.3 to 6.8 Inch Ram: 8GB

Battery : 3500 to 4200 MAH Weight : 168 to 198g

Android : 9.0 For more: visit

02. iPhone 11 Pro Max

                     Release date: September 2019

Size: 6.5-inch Weight: 226g 

RAM: 4GB                       Battery: 3969mAh                     

For more: visit


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