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The Procedure of Dental Exam by Nashville’s Best Dentists


Getting regular dental exams are necessary for oral hygiene and health. If you live somewhere in Nashville, the best dentists follow a thorough procedure to ensure good oral hygiene.

When you are visiting a dentist in Nashville, you can expect the following steps for your regular dental checkup:

Intake of Medical History

For your first visit, the dentist can ask you questions about the following things:

  • The medications that you are taking (if any)
  • About any healing remedies, allergies, or smoking
  • Any medical condition that you have

After these basic questions, the dentist will also ask about any previous dental surgeries and treatments that you have. With all these questions, the dentist devises a treatment plan for you.

Thorough Checkup

After the collection of information, the next step is to thoroughly examine the teeth, gums, and all other supporting structures. The following are the techniques that doctors perform to check the current condition:

  • X-Rays

This isn’t the part of every dental exam, but the dentist might suggest it based on your oral hygiene. It allows the dentists to see the detailed image of every section of your mouth that is not visible through the naked eye.

There is very-low exposure to radiation in X-rays, but still, if you have any concerns, you can consult your doctor about it.

  • Oral Cancer Exam

Due to the spike in oral cancer cases in past years, all Nashville best dentists have now included oral cancer screening in the dental exam. It is important to detect it early, or it can become life-threatening. 

As part of the checkup, the dentist will examine the area under your jaw, at the side of the neck, and also the tongue to look for any signs of cancer.

  • Dental Cleaning

During the checkup, the dentist might also remove the tartar that has been formed over time. The dentists now usually use ultrasonic cleaning equipment for dental cleaning to provide better oral hygiene. After the dental exam, a final visual and X-ray is done to see if there are any defects left and also check for any future abnormalities. 

  • Dental Impression

Some doctors recommend getting a dental impression for better evaluation of your bite. A horseshoe-shaped tray is filled with a gelatin-like liquid, which the dentist will place over your upper and lower teeth. After some time, the tray is removed to make a cast of your mouth for better observation.  

Educating You on the Condition

After all the steps are completed, the dentist will spend some time with you to discuss the concerns that he may have for your oral hygiene. If there are any issues, they can ask you to see an expert. They also provide proper guidance to their patients on how to maintain and take care of teeth, so there are no future concerns.

How Frequently Should You Get Your Dental Exam?

Based on the information gathered, the dentist can recommend how often you will need a dental exam. 

For patients with a healthy mouth are recommended to get a dental exam every six months. For the people that have oral risks, the dentists can recommend more frequent visits to keep an eye on the situation.

In short, the number of visits to a clinic depends on the health of your teeth and gums.


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Are you worried about your oral hygiene and health? Visit the best dentist in your area to get a suitable treatment.

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