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The Many Benefits of Bioenergetics Therapy


Bioenergetics therapy is a relatively recent practice that has transformed how we understand the connection between the mind and the body. Science is still very weak in this area, but explorations like those in this field are pushing us forward.

Nowadays, people are more open to turning toward natural methods to address their physical problems. Bioenergetics therapy is one of the many naturopathic treatments that aim to improve pain and disease in the body. To find out just what bioenergetics therapy is and if it may help you, check out the information below.

What is Bioenergetics Therapy?

Bioenergetics was founded in 1956 when Alexander Lowen created the Institute of Bioenergetics Analysis (IBA). For nearly all of Lowen’s life, he studied how the mind and body are connected.

It’s no secret that stress is both emotional and physical. It alters brain chemistry, creates cortisol in the body, and is stored as tension in the muscles. Emotionally, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

Bioenergetics therapy targets this imbalance of energy in the body. It addressed the underlying emotions that manifest as physical pain or other ailments. If you love science and want to go more in-depth, make sure to check out this article .

What Does It Treat?

Bioenergetics therapy is ideal for those with a range of mental illnesses, including:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Phobias
• Stress
• Insecurities
However, it can also help anyone learn how to manage intense emotions like anger, grief, or stress. Additionally, bioenergetic massage therapy was created to treat pain and other physical ailments. Things like back, neck or shoulder pain are targeted.

What Does It Involve?

Bioenergetics involves a mix of psychoanalysis and physiotherapy. In other words, it is both verbal and physical.

A bioenergetics therapist will explore emotional issues in depth. This may require working out anger issues, bad habits, past trauma, or other difficult topics. The therapist will introduce cognitive methods to rewire unhealthy emotional patterns.
Physically, the therapist will employ bodywork, breathing, and grounding techniques.

Examples of Exercises

Bioenergetic exercises are often gentle and safe enough for all ages and conditions. One example of bioenergetic bodywork involves mindfully vibrating the body, ideally at the end of the day.

While standing with your feet shoulder-length apart, start vibrating different parts of your body. Focus your mind on how this vibration makes your muscles feel. Experiment with different types of vibrations. Breathe deeply as you shake out the tension of the day. Don’t be afraid to get silly with it.

Not only does this engage your body and its muscles, but it practices breathwork and mindfulness, grounding you in the present moment.

Finding a Bioenergetics Therapist

Bioenergetics therapy is still a burgeoning field, but many states have their own bioenergetic associations. When searching for a therapist, make sure to look for someone who is a member of the International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis. They should be a certified bioenergetic therapist (CBT).
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