The major key factor that influences Mobile app development


Mobile App Development:

The mobile application is built for a particular platform like android, iOS, and windows. They are downloaded and installed from app stores to be accessed in various mobile phones. Developing a mobile app is costly than web app because the mobile app is platform-specific and starting an app on various platforms means starting the design and development from the beginning. Examining the performance between the web and mobile app, the mobile app would always work well and will be extremely responsive. Thus, any business that needs to move or is already progressing towards achieving growth & success will adopt the development of mobile application now as the cost of development is gradually inflating.

Mobile app development cost:

The various factors affecting the cost of mobile app development is growing day by day. Below is a record of factors, which has to be addressed to make your mobile application development cost-effective.

  1. Who is developing a mobile app?
  2. Which mobile app platform is the app developed for?
  3. What features and UI/UX (design) should the app holds?
  4. What amount of security is required by the app?
  5. Where should development happen?
  6. Where should the app be released?
  7. How is the app going to be maintained?

Who is developing your mobile app?

Developing a mobile app deals with many advantages and disadvantages and one amongst is the cost involved in the development of the mobile application. The one with whom you built your mobile application also determines the cost in development. Freelancers charge least with consideration to the features you want for your app. However, there is a lack of guarantee whether your mobile application will be presented with fine quality in the promised time. When your mobile app development is proffered to a company, there will be elegance in the app development process. You can have a legal agreement signed and can get frequent updates with the advancement of your application development. 

You can even have alternatives to switch developers if the development process is not performed well according to your requirement. These advantages come with a chargeable cost and that is why developing an app with a company is more costly than with a freelancer. There are so many mobile application development companies in the market, which builds an innovative mobile app at the cost of a freelancer. For a small-scale app that is being built as a side project of your primary business, you can go for in-house development or freelancers. However, for an application that your business fully relies on, you should consider choosing an app development firm.

Which platform is the app developed for?

The cost of app development will have an influence on the platform you choose to build and deploy. Building an application for various devices or different platforms means various charges. If you want your application built for iOS then the amount allocated will be lower to an app developed for Android. There are some other different platforms to analyse while you develop a mobile application for your company. However, Android has a tremendous market share. Thus, your choice of platform will depend on the design of your mobile application and it will be an important deciding factor in the development cost of your app.

What features and UI/UX (design) should the app possess?

If your mobile application has a really innovative and interactive UI/UX design then you have to bear the cost acquired to bring those extraordinary UI/UX into your mobile app. These are the significant aspects of determining the mobile application development cost. There are standard features of an app and then there are customizable features in an app. Including standard features will cost you nothing related to the cost incited while adding customized features which definitely will cost a bomb. The features and functionalities that form your mobile application will also design the cost structure of the app. Note that, it does not mean how good the backend of the app is, if the UI/UX is not up to the point, your app will merely not catch enough eyeballs.

What amount of security is demanded by the app?

When a mobile application is published or released for customers to be used there will be sensitive data like company’s data, user data, transaction details, etc. is shared with the servers. Hence, to avoid compromising data with hackers there must be adequate security measures taken in advance during the time of mobile app development. A mobile app is exposed to security threats & hackers once it gets into the market and to bypass and overcome all threats, security patches have to be developed at the apt time. Frequent updates are also a final solution to add security for your mobile app. However, none of this comes at free of cost.

Where should development happen?

Determining the place of development is an essential part of your mobile app development cost. Application development can happen in multiple places. They are in house app development, freelance app development, and offshore development. Whichever team you prefer, be it in-house, freelancers or a mobile application development company, your team, must have the professional powers and versatility. Building an application in the house is cost-effective but developing it offshore gives you an invaluable quality app. Among all the offshore places of app development, India charges the slightest with hourly rates commencing from $20.

Where should the app be released?

The marketplace for your app where consumers can download from will also decide the cost of your mobile application development. Places like Android play store are not very high but if it has to be published in the iOS app store the prices are high depending upon your mobile app’s features and usage. Beyond this, more the download, more will be the commission taken by the app stores.

How is the app going to be maintained?

Your mobile app needs to stay consistent and must adopt new technology to remain on the users’ phones. Your app should be constantly tested and transformed according to the users’ feedback. Otherwise, the users will uninstall it. It is advisable to know the technical aspects of your mobile app and manage your mobile application by yourself. But when it has complicated features you should continue with the same development company or freelancer you hired to sustain your mobile app, which will cost you some additional dollars.

Wrapping Up

Sticking to fulfilling your essential requirement of developing a mobile application will forever end up in cost-effective app development. But, moving away from this purpose will surely pinch your pockets sooner or later. In addition, it is wise to designate enough space in your application development budget for choosing the perfect team of developers for the maintenance of the app post publishing. Because it is hard to predict the way hourly rates in different locations are varying and the way mobile app developers and consumers are interacting presently.

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