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The Fastest ISP for Big Cities


Residing in one of the big cities means keeping up with the fast-paced life, and for that one must be up to date with everything. Here’s where technology plays its greatest role, and that is all backed up by having a great internet connection. People of Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, and Philadelphia need not worry. If you reside in one of these great cities then you have access to the greatest of all Internet Service Providers, RCN. Running with a headline Keeping Americans connected during Coronavirus this is the internet connection you need, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Superior Service for Millions

RCN provides the best Internet, TV and Phone packages, with so many advantages to its customers. The number one advantage is no contracts, which is ideal for US customers given a lot of companies have iron-clad, binding contracts, by which you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in termination fees. Their internet packages come with different download speeds, at different prices, but they do not compromise on the quality of their service that’s for sure. Whether you have a 50 Mbps internet plan or 500 Mbps, it guarantees a high-quality internet service regardless. They also feature a free internet security suite to protect your internet connection from any foreign malware. RCN’s internet plans start at $19.99, the cheapest you would find anywhere in the country. RCN’s digital TV service includes a vast collection of channels as well as streaming applications, and On Demand options to choose from. It offers the option of RCN Basic TV or the RCN Signature TV and for more information, you can contact RCN customer service. Another great feature is the interactive TV guide and parental control, which is perfect with regards to censorship in today’s era.

We’re aware there is not much use for phones, and we mean landlines, in the present day. It seems like a rare sight that an individual does not possess a cell phone of their own. But even then, it’s always good to have a home phone for several reasons of its own. With RCN, you can enjoy several packages that combine Internet, TV, and Phone features for customers, at reasonable prices. Get unlimited calling minutes across the US and even Canada. Its digital voicemail can store up to 20 messages for about a month and along with that, you can enjoy 17 features that would help with organizing your communication. For all your queries about bundles and packages, or pricing, or even just tech assistance for existing services in use, you can easily contact RCN’s customer service. Whether you’re already an RCN customer or not, customer representatives would gladly help you out. Being in business for over three decades, RCN has been able to adapt and surpass expectations, more than its competitors. That is why it has a customer base in millions across its areas of operations. When you have the highest internet speed, the best channels catalog, and a modern home phone, what more could you want? The best choice is right here, with RCN.

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