The Different Styles of Pearl Necklaces


What if you were to take the game of creation to create your costume jewelry? Discover all our tutorials to make a necklace easily.

To offer a handmade gift or simply to treat yourself, we offer a selection of tutorials to make a necklace easily.

DIY necklaces to personalize your look

Celtic Jewelry is a fashion accessory synonymous with femininity. DIY earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, or even brooches, they hang everywhere with fantasy, elegance, or simplicity. Whatever their shape, jewelry is a game of detour and you can easily roll up a necklace like a bracelet, hang a brooch on a chain to make a necklace, and so on.

Graduated or falling: Necklace in which the largest pearl is placed in the centre, and the adjacent pearls have a decreasing and symmetrical size up to the clasp.

Uniform Collar or Choker olive tree of pearls of practically identical sizes. The difference in size between the smallest and the largest pearl does not exceed 0.5 mm for pearls up to 8 mm in diameter, and 1 mm above 8 mm.

Dog necklace: Necklace made up of several rows of pearls, often with a precious metal motif on the front and surrounding the neck like a collar. The very popular shape at the beginning of the 20th century. Claddagh pendants are quite a popular choice among necklaces.

Twist: Set of several necklaces twisted together.

Necklace: Necklace of pearls placed at the base of the neck, 36 to 40 cm long.

Princess: Necklace of pearls 46 cm long.

Morning: Necklace of pearls with a length of 56 cm.

Opera: Long necklace of pearls 76 to 90 cm long.

Rope: Very long necklace of pearls longer than 90 cm.

The princess necklace is usually 45 centimetres long. This is the average (standard) length for a necklace. It is the most common necklace. It falls at the base of the neck, at the level of the clavicles, fits over the top of the bust and emphasizes the throat. It gives an impression of mobility and lightness. It can be flexible or rigid and its length suits all morphologies, all types of collars and all outfits. It’s the ultra versatile basic collar you need to have, it’s a great classic. It adapts to all types of necklines. With a neckline, it will enhance your throat. It is also very elegant on a jumper with a thin turtleneck or on a crew neck.

The necklace sautoir. The magic of necklaces is that they are suitable for all women and all body types. The longer a necklace is, the more it will lengthen the silhouette and refine the waist. Moreover the necklace will enhance the bust because it will draw attention to it especially if you wear it simple and it fits into a pretty décolleté. For those who don’t want to highlight their cleavage, then don’t worry and combine your long necklace with a round collar or even a roll neck for winter, that works too. Small breasts can play with the accumulation of several collars of different lengths and the illusion will be perfect.

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