The Best Wedding Decoration Checklist


It’s one of the most exciting days of your life—but it can also be one of the most stressful, if you’re not prepared. We’re talking about your wedding day, of course!

One of the best ways to relieve pressure on your big day is by preparing as much as you can in advance, especially the decorations. From flowers to cake toppings, there are plenty of things you need to think about.

To help you get ready, keep reading to find our wedding decoration checklist that you can use to shop, prepare, and decorate for both the ceremony and reception.


When it comes to wedding decoration ideas, flowers are sure to be the first thing you think about. The right floral arrangements can transform an average or reception venue into a beautiful fairytale come to life, so start planning your flowers well in advance.

You can use flowers as centerpieces, on church pew aisles, or create a floral arch or wall for photos. You’ll also need bouquets for the bridal party and corsages for the groomsmen.
Wedding flowers are likely to be one of your biggest decoration costs, with couples spending, on average, $700-$2,500 on wedding flowers.

Table Decor

You’ll want plenty of wedding table decorations for your reception, helping your venue look gorgeous. First, if your venue doesn’t provide furniture, look for tables and chairs wholesale for your big day.

Then, you’ll need tablecloths, chair covers, menu cards, name placeholders, so guests know where to sit, and perhaps candles. If you’re giving any thank you favors to your guests for attending, it can be nice to put these at each table setting too.

One top tip, if you’re on a budget, is to try DIY wedding decorations for your table centerpiece. You can use just about anything, including candles, vases, bark, or craft supplies from an art store.

Altar and Church Decorations

The church will need to look good too, so don’t forget decorations for the ceremony. You may want a linen runner for the aisle, white lace or bunting, a unity candle, tulle, flowers, and lights.
Ask your church what they can provide and what you’ll need to bring.


Don’t forget to have signs printed for your wedding! Ideally, you’ll want a welcome sign, a sign for your guestbook, a sign marking the area to drop off presents, a program for the ceremony, and seating charts.
If you have hashtags and social media accounts you want your guests to use on the day, create a poster or sign letting people know.

Use This Wedding Decoration Checklist to Prepare for Your Big Day

Wedding decorations are essential for setting the mood and vibe for both your ceremony and reception, so take the time to find exactly what you need! With the help of this wedding decoration checklist, purchase or make everything you need in advance of your wedding day, so that you’re ready to go.

The bride and groom will probably be busy getting ready on the morning of the day, so enlist a friend or relative to help get everything set up. That way, your wedding will look picture-perfect, just as you’ve always dreamed!
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