The Best Sandy Beaches In Greece

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Greece is famous for its best beaches in the world. It is rated on the top of the table when it comes to glorious beaches in the world. It is enriched with every taste in beaches, from wild and rugged to the fully serviced and groomed. The best sandy beaches in Greece are one of the best tourist spots for beach lovers. It’s great to visit these beaches in summer times to enjoy the full prettiness of these beaches. There are sandy beaches with almost every colour i.e. from pearly grey to shiny white, golden and blush pink, you should visit sandy beaches in Greece because there’s a beach for everyone. Some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Greece are the following:

#1 Plaka, Naxos:

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One of the best Greek islands for beaches is Naxos. It is stretched along the coast from its main town with a series of sandy delights. The Plaka Beach is elongated on 4km of the area with soft golden sand and perfectly clean water with both developed and undeveloped sections. This beach is not too close to the town which gives you a great opportunity to leave the busy life for some time and relax here. You can visit this beach to enjoy the beauty of this amazing beach with some great meals from taverns featured by this beach.

#2 Koukounaries, Skiathos:


This is one of the most amazing sandy beaches in Greece. It is full of people in the summer season so it would be better to visit this place just before or after the tourist season to witness the glorious view it beholds. It has a long series of shallow warms and perfect soft sand with blue-green water that takes on the shadow from the green pine trees behind the beach, because of which it is named as ‘koukounaries’ (meaning “pine cones”). Apart from all these natural beauties, you can enjoy bars restaurants and water sports to make your trip a memorable one.

#3 Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia:


Myrtos beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Greece. It’s a semi-circular beach in between mountains and rocky cliffs. The water of this beach is crystal clear which makes it the best place to take a swim and enjoy some water games with your loved ones. The scenery around this beach is amazing because of the cliffs above the beach. The view of a sunset from this beach is amazing. You can enjoy this beautiful view with a glass of drink from the local tavern.

#4 Chryssi, Crete:


The word Chryssi means “golden” and that’s why this beach is also called the golden beach. It is a well-organized natural beach and you will have to catch a boat trip to reach this beach. This beach is separated into two parts by rocks. The west side is the main Golden beach and the east side is the Aptera beach. The golden beach has gained popularity due to the area being well-organized, with watersports, lifeguards, umbrellas, showers, and cafes. As we can identify from its name, that this beach has golden sand and shallow waters, making it a heavenly spot for visitors. There is also a playground for kids near the beach.

If you are planning a trip to Greece and you are also a beach lover, you should visit these amazing sandy beaches Greece. There are a lot more beautiful and amazing beaches in Greece but we mentioned some of the best beaches which are the most popular. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your ticket to these amazing beaches.

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