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Telegram Voice Chat 2.0 And How It Helps Membership Businesses

Telegram messenger has released a new feature called Voice Chats 2.0 with the latest version. Telegram’s latest audio-focused feature expands on the current Voice Chats capabilities by allowing users to host live voice communication sessions with an infinite number of participants. The decision was taken in response to the growing popularity of playback platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter Rooms.


Telegram’s latest Voice Conversations 2.0 function will have the ability to record these real-time conversations, as well as a list of users, raise hand mechanics, speaker and audience invite links, and voice chat titles, among other things. Because of the app, public figures will be allowed to join voice discussions as channels rather than private accounts.


On Telegram, Who Could Still Initiate and Participate in Real Voice Chats?

Server admins of channels and groups who’ve already updated their Telegram app to the most recent version are now able to hold live phone calls. Only administrators will be able to record and distribute invite links for these live audio discussions. Audio files can be found in the Saved Messages section after they’ve been recorded. Admins can also control who can participate in the live voice chat.


Telegram’s Latest Upgrade Has A Number Of Other Features.

Before a message is delivered, Telegram users may now cancel it or change the recipient. Voice messages can now be listened to from wherever they were previously left. Previously, only longer audio and video tracks could be used with this feature.


Android users may now customize the gesture of scrolling left in Telegram chats. Archiving, tagging, muting, removing, and marking chats as read are all options available to users. These swipe activities are consistently visible in Telegram for iOS, regardless of which way clients slide. The upgrade includes features such as recordable voice talks, rich participant lists, raise hand methods, invite links for receiver and sender, voice chat themes, and a way for public figures to join voice chats as their own channels.


This creates amazing opportunities for running paid podcast shows. You can use platforms like InviteMember that allow you to receive payments and automate membership management in Telegram. 

How Can You Get Started With A Telegram Live Voice Communication?

Admins can initiate Telegram voice chats by going to the appropriate Group or Channel first. They may then access the menu by tapping () or () and selecting ‘Start Voice Chat’.

Chats That Have Been Recorded

Some discussions are designed to be fleeting, while others are worth keeping and passing on. Admins may now store and publish recordings of voice conversations for followers who were unable to attend the live event. The audio file is immediately available in your Saved Messages after you’ve finished recording. Chats that are being recorded have a red light beside their headline to avoid any shocks.

Raise Your Hand.

Listeners can tap to raise their hands and tell the administration that they wish to talk in conversations when players are muted. It’s like dialing into a chat show, but with more engaging animations.


Your bio text, which you may use to highlight your skills, hobbies, or simply a little bit about yourself, is now accessible in the list of participants. This information may assist administrators in finding a suitable position for your queries or remarks.

Links To Both The Speaker And The Listener.

Administrators of public groups and channels can now create links that automatically turn on voice chat. Speakers and listeners might have their own connections. You won’t have to unmute significant visitors when they join, and they’ll be able to advertise the forthcoming talk to their communities using a different link. Optional names for voice conversations allow users to see the conversation’s topic before joining.

I Wish To Join As…

Users can join a voice chat in a channel using their personal account or appear as one of their channels when entering a voice chat. This can be used by celebrities and famous personalities to avoid attracting too much attention to their personal accounts.

As A Channel, You Can Join A Voice Conversation.

For example, the Presidents of Brazil and Turkey may meet on Pavel Durov’s Channel for a discussion and answer questions from people without risking their chat lists being swamped with fan mail.

As Well As That.

If you transmit messages to the wrong conversation by accident, use the X button before sending them to cancel forwarding or select a different chat.

Alternatively, You May Cancel Forwarding And Go To A Different Conversation.

When listening to extended audio messages, you may also restart playing from where you stopped. We thought we’d covered everything when our grandmother signed up for this service, which was previously only accessible for extended films and audio files.

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