Software is the Most Important Part of a Computer: Would You Agree?


When you think of software and application, what essentially comes to your mind?

“Something very abstract and complicated,” right. But it is very simple, and something that we are using almost all the time every day! It has become a part of our day-to-day activities in whatever fields we are in. You won’t imagine, but whenever you open an app on your phone or sending an email, you are actually using the software and application!

Surprising, no?

Software is nothing more than an aggregation of different programs that work together with the hardware of the computer or laptop. It sends on the instruction, data, and other information which helps to operate the computer, laptop, or mobile efficiently.

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Types of Software

We might come across different types of software and application. Some of these are as follows:

  • Application Software
  • System Software
  • Programming Software
  • Driver Software

Application Software

Application software is the most common type of software and is more commonly defined as end-user software. It is also known as App, which performs a task to achieve the outcome that it is actually designed for. You can install the application software on your phone, computer, laptop, or any other device depending upon the purpose it intends to fulfill. Some of the best examples of application software are Adobe, Lightroom, or Microsoft word.

System Software

System software is more like the operating system of your phone or laptop. It helps to keep your applications running. It is particularly critical for the efficient working of any of your devices as well as the application. The system software is necessary to help you in making changes that allow your phone or laptop to work efficiently. However, the system software is not on the front end, but it runs in the background!

Programming Software

It is the software that is intended to write, develop and solve problems and bugs by using different codes. It’s mostly the developers and programmers who make use of the programming software, and a smaller number of normal people are able to understand it. Different programming languages like C++, Python, Laravel, and others are behind these programs. However, the programming languages are common for both software and application.

Driver Software

You might have heard about different drivers that make different programs and devices run on your computer or laptop. For instance, in order to make the USB run on your system, you have to install its drivers. The same is the case with other devices such as printers, headphones, speakers, and others. It is actually software that is controlling and operating different devices as they are plugged into the computer.  In addition to this, you need driver software for the internet as well. Suppose you get spectrum internet deals; you need to install the drivers in order to get it working.

Let’s get into the differences and definitions that might confuse us with the term “software” quite often.


In contrast to software, we come across the term application, which represents a set of programs that are intended for the end-users. Application is actually a part of the software that performs a specific function that it is particularly designed for. It has the ability to manipulate numbers, audio, texts, or a combination of all these.

Differences between Software and Application

Apparently, you might not be able to realize the difference between software and an application. However, there are quite a lot of differences. Let’s have a look at these:


The main usage of the application is with regards to the specific task that it performs for the end-user. On the other hand, the software is used with reference to the hardware and not strictly to be utilized by the end-user itself.


The difference in terms of execution is quite simple. The software can or cannot be executable. It depends on the purpose you are using it for. However, an application is always executable!

Operating System Specific

An application has to be operating system-specific, and there are no exceptions whatsoever. However, the software is not operating system-dependent and can work without it pretty well.

User Interaction

In terms of user interaction, the software is again independent of the need for it. However, an application always needs user interaction in order to function properly.

The Final Verdict

From the above differences, it is quite clear that software is a broader term, and all applications are software essentially, but all software are not applications. Hence, there is a bit of difference that plays a very important and should not be neglected at any cost. Users can employ different software to make use of the hardware. Hence, it acts as a mediator and is the most important component of any computer system. So, get the best spectrum internet deals and learn all the differences between software and application!

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