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10 Sleep Hygiene Tips for a Better Night’s Rest

Everyone has experienced not feeling fully rested, but the good news is that this can be improved upon with the right approach. Sleep hygiene is the process of maintaining healthy habits in order to get a better sleep, such as getting regular exercising during the day and avoiding screens right before going to bed. 

Unfortunately, many of us unintentionally suffer from poor sleep habits due to use of medications, caffeine and other stimulants, along with working late into the night and overstimulating ourselves with activities like television or using our phones. These can all have major repercussions on our sleep quality, leading to an unsatisfying rest; nonetheless, approaching sleep time properly can help ease stress and lead to a healthier lifestyle.


If you want to start sleeping better at night, try these tips for improving your sleep hygiene:


  1. To prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep, refrain from drinking any form of caffeine and abstain from smoking in the hours before bed.


  1. During the day, make sure to partake in at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise that will get your blood pumping and heart rate up. However, it is best to avoid intense physical exertion or strenuous activities close to bedtime.


  1. To maintain a normal pattern of sleep, only take short naps during the day if necessary. A 30-minute nap should be plenty to give you an energy boost without disrupting your sleep cycle.


  1. Enjoy a light evening treat, but avoid heavy meals close to bedtime.


  1. When you take a few moments to bask in natural sunlight during the day, your body can better regulate its sleep-wake cycle.


  1. Establish a consistent bedtime routine for the best sleep possible. To help you drift off, take a soothing warm bath, listen to calming music or read your favorite book for 15 minutes.


  1. Treat the bed for what it is intended: a place to relax and get your much-needed sleep. Avoid using it as an office, or chatting on the phone, watching TV – you name it!


  1. Ensure your bedroom is cool, ventilated, dark and tranquil – the perfect setting for sound sleep.


  1. Achieving a regular sleep schedule by going to bed and rising at the same time every day can help you achieve better overall health.


  1. Replacing an old mattress can help you to get a more restful sleep. Here are the best 2023 soft mattresses to choose from.


  1. When it’s time to rest, leave your anxieties and stress regarding job opportunities, educations goals or daily duties outside of the bedroom. Instead make certain that when you hit the pillow all you can think about is relaxation and peacefulness.


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