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The roof is the most vulnerable and exposed area of the house, as it is the first place that comes in contact with water, dust, and wind due to tubulating weather conditions. It is the first area that is prone to water leakage, seepage, and wall cracks due to dampness. For a house owner, maintaining the roof is a big challenge, as it is not an easy job. 

However, with the prevalence of technology, now maintaining roofs is no big deal. There are many ways you can combat this issue. You can opt for heatproofing solutions and waterproofing systems that can help in retaining the quality of your roof. But these services can only help you if you catch the early signs of problems like water leakage and seepage. Such issues are best-treated when you take proper and fast action against them. 

Look for the following signs that are indicators of some usual troubles that your roof might be suffering from: 

Sign # 1: Discoloration 

One of the earliest signs that will point out a water leakage issue in your roof is the development of yellow and brown spots on your ceilings. It is a result of an increase in moisture and a lack of sunlight that triggers the growth of mould and algae. Once the mould sets in, it eats away the material of your ceilings – resulting in the production of yellow and brown spots. If you don’t look for the right treatment at the right time, the decay can spread throughout the ceiling, which is a dangerous and expensive ordeal. 

Sign # 2: Impact on paint 

If you just got your walls painted, you might come across different types of symptoms if there is a water leakage problem in your house. When the development of decay and mould goes unnoticed, it aggravates. In turn, the paint on the other side of the wall starts loosening up. If you have small paint flakes on the floor of your house, it is clear there is a water leakage problem in your home. Moreover, if you see the paint of your ceilings and walls changing colours – getting darker or lighter – it is also a sign of a seepage issue. 

Signs # 3: Physical injuries 

The roof of the house is the most exposed area, which is why it is also prone to physical damages. During harsh weather, tree branches and other sorts of debris may land on your roof and cause physical injuries to the ceiling. The significant problem-prone areas are the shingles and the corner of the ceiling, where a crack may develop due to the impact of debris. Through these cracks, moisture may find its way to penetrate your roof and cause havoc there. 

However, to minimize the escalation of this problem, frequent visual checks can help you locate the cracks and damaged shingles of your roof, so you can subject them to suitable solutions and eradicate the moisture seeping into your ceiling. 

Sign # 4: Presence and growth of mould 

The growth of mould in the corners of your walls is one of the most common signs that indicate a water leakage problem. The damage done by aggressive decay in the walls and ceiling of homes is not easy to repair. The fact that the mould growth often starts happening in places where the human eye can not reach is responsible for them to go unnoticed for years.

However, if mould growth is undetected, it can affect all the walls of your house. Furthermore, dampness, which is a result of moisture diving into the ceiling through cracks, can harbour dangerous bacteria as well.

The bottom line is, if you keep an open eye and look for signs that tell you the house needs professional attention, you will be able to combat issues like water leaking and seepage like a pro!

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