Scents You Can Spray On Your Scarf For Long-Lasting Results


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Winters are already knocking on our doors at the start of November. The drop in temperature and the longevity of nights is suggesting that it’s time to bring out our favorite woolly hats and scarves. There’s always a special feeling when it starts getting chilly; the vivid fragrances in the air and the exciting Christmas spirit come flooding back. 

While you’re preparing your best winter dresses to look sharp when you head out, it’s also important to put on the best fragrances. Read further to learn about 3 powerful ingredients that won’t wear off quickly, helping you keep warm and smelling nice the whole time. 


The best fragrances in the world are made from the best flowers. One of the most prominent flowers, in the world of fragrances, is the Iris. This beautiful flower has its origins in some cities of Italy and Morocco. You’ll find Iris in a lot of amazing colours, but it’s mostly known for its sharp purple and blue petals. The flower has an alluring scent, and it’s the root that carries the magical fragrance. Although there are several species of Iris, the Iris Pallida is mostly used to make perfumes. Iris is usually compared to wines because it only gets better when it is left to dry for as long as possible. Most of the reputable perfume-making companies leave Iris to dry for around 6 years, and it’s worth the wait!

The Making

In the process of extracting fragrances from this flower, the roots are kept in a controlled environment, where they are left to dry. During this drying process, the roots, over time, start producing a nice soft smell, which amplifies once they are mixed with powder. This powdery scent is also the protagonist behind the parma violet fragrance. The Iris flower contains a molecule named “Irone”. This molecule belongs to the ionone family, which is found in violets. 

The Orris Butter

The process of making up fragrances with Iris also involves distilling the roots. A wax that is extracted from the roots of Iris is known as the Orris butter, and this butter really magnifies the fragrance. With the floral violet scent that is most prominent in this fragrance, there’s also a touch of warm, woody scent. 

The Suederal

Being excited after buying a new pair of footwear is something that we all can relate to. Whenever you get yourselves new boots, you’re always excited to get back home, desperate to put them on. As you open the shoebox, to try out your new shoes, the fresh smell of the new leather, or any shoe material, fills your room. This soft scent of leather and suede is inarguably one of the most satisfying scents. 

This is how the suederal fragrance is made. Made with little amounts of tobacco, it brings out a soft, woody aroma. The leather element in this fragrance is known to be a very powerful ingredient that helps the scent last for long. Only a little quantity of this ingredient is enough to make this fragrance great. This leathery ingredient, when composed with other elements, radiates an amazing woody accent, which is best for the chilly season. 

The Real Leather

You might be surprised to learn that the fresh leather fragrance you grew up smelling from your new bags, jackets, shoes, and other products isn’t really the smell of leather. You need to go back to the chain to understand what really leather is. Leather is just skin, and it’s a no brainer that skin does not have a fragrance. Therefore, leather does not come with the scent that you have associated it with, and in order to give it a fresh aroma, there are several elements like natural oils, synthetic ingredients, and chemicals that are added. 

Perfume companies use suederal to create leather notes. 

The Ambroxan

Most people repel when they hear the word, “synthetic ingredients”. With so much talk about natural resources and organic products being chosen over the engineered ones, it’s understandable that people look for the same in perfumery. People are always looking for natural elements, so any brand that markets their product with the slogan of “natural oils” immediately attracts a lot of customers. However, the concept of natural ingredients to make perfumes better is just an illusion. Synthetic molecules are the only way to make perfumes better and more exciting. 

When we talk about synthetic molecules that are best for perfumes, Ambroxan tops the list.

It Isn’t Totally Synthetic

Among all the synthetic molecules, Ambroxan is the only one that has natural origins. Surprisingly, this comes from the intestines of the sperm whale. In the whale, there’s a waxy element known as terpenoid that exists inside the ambergris. Although the use of animal products is strictly forbidden in most countries, this is where science finds alternatives to finding Ambroxan. Scientists discovered a molecule named Scareol, which is found in the plant, Clary Safe. The synthesis starts with revealing white crystal powder that is also Ambroxan. The aroma of this special ingredient is strong enough to fill a room of any size with just the bare minimum quantity. 

The best perfumes of the world carry this ingredient, as it is considered to be one of the most basic notes in perfumery. 

All the aforementioned ingredients can create long-lasting fragrances. If you are in the search for perfumes that include these scents,  head over to Match Fragrances to browse through our amazing variety of perfumes. We provide our customers with the ease to buy cheap perfumes online. Log on to our site and expand your fragrance collection with the best perfumes the market has to offer, at the most affordable prices. 

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