Road Traffic Accident Outside of the UK- Can You Make A Claim?


With all the travel bans and restrictions getting lifted, many families will be planning to get behind the wheel to travel and explore various regions of Europe.

If you’re also among the majority who are planning to hit the road after a long while, it’s important that you take all the necessary precautions before you get on the road. For instance, getting your vehicle tested for safety, putting on seat belts, and driving carefully. Despite ticking on all the precautionary boxes, you can’t still rule out the possibility of encountering a road accident. Although one would hope that such instances never happen, it’s always better to be prepared.

Having said that, apart from filling your car with all your stuff, you should ensure that you’re also carrying a pen and paper to deal with any unforeseen incident. Bear in mind that most foreign companies follow stringent procedures when evaluating claims and will need you to have the following information to proceed with the work:

  • A complete and attested constat amiable is a jointly agreed statement for insurance purposes. The constant amiable is a form that shows all the relevant information about the accident that occurred and the details of both the parties. This form must include signatures of the parties involved in the accident.
  • A photocopy of your international driver license
  • You must have a police log number. When you’re out of the UK, you need to make sure any road accident is reported to the local police department, and when you go there, make sure you note the name and location of the police station. Foreign insurance companies will always ask for this police log.

Another important thing to do when faced with a road accident is to take a photo of the vehicle that bumped into yours. Make sure the photo you take includes the registration plate, and it’s better if you can manage to take a photo of the driver as well.

In the event of a road accident, you must pay a visit to any nearby hospital or a medical professional, despite the severity of your injury. This is because, in most countries, injury claims aren’t entertained if medical attention isn’t taken immediately. For instance, there are some countries in Europe, where if a person suffers from a minor injury in a road clash, they should get medical treatment within three days, otherwise, their case will be dealt with foreign insurers only.

Making Claims For Road Accidents Abroad

If you face such a mishap, the first step in filing a claim for road accidents abroad is to get legal advice from a professional lawyer. Expert and professional solicitors will review your incident and help you get the claim.

For any incident that occurs outside of the UK, you can easily claim if you weren’t at fault. Although you should not expect to be protected by EU agreements, you can still claim against the insurer of the person who caused this incident.

Road accidents are a very unpleasant incident, and we hope you never have to come across any such situation ever in your life. However, if any such thing happens, you can always get in touch with Hamilton Douglas Legal and get the best personal injury solicitors in Belfast to deal with your case.

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