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Never ask me Do-follow Link in Free

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first of all check you site spam score if your site contain 1 plus spam score i can’t publish you article in free even you give me money.

Always we publish your article in free in nofollow Dofollow charges may apply only 10$

How much Link Accepted in Nofollow

Only one Nofollow promotional link accepted if must important then add 2

How much articles words accepted

750must important if you have 1000 plus words article then it’s very best for SEO ranking. I always recommend you to publish ur article 1K + words

How many pics allowed in the article

1 featured image is very important and one more for internal article totally 2 pic allows for one article

featured images are important?

Yes it’s important for publish free article


Please also add 2 ya 3 high authority site likes as and Forbes etc always in nofollow it’s better for SEO ranking. and make sure that it’s related to your site article.

Example post