Refinery Chemicals – Improving Engine Performance


 The refinery chemicals in India help to provide the best quality features and solutions to the companies that implement them. It also helps to make sure that the overall process is of the best possible quality and in proper accordance with the standards of the industry.

 Following are some of the refinery chemicals provided by best refinery chemicals manufacturers in India:

 -Corrosion inhibitors: These kinds of additives get very easily absorbed on the metallic surfaces especially when the temperature exceeds 200°C. The best part of utilizing these kinds of chemicals is that it helps in protecting the whole metal surface by forming a film over it that will help in giving the supreme level of protection to the metal.

 -Octane boosters: These kinds of additives help in improving the overall octane rating of the gasoline. It is believed in this field that higher the octane number more compression will be the fuel can handle before detonating. All the fields which have higher octane rating are utilized in higher compression engines so that there is a high-performance all the time.

 -Multifunctional additives for gasoline: These kinds of chemicals are considered to be a complete and comprehensive package for the gasoline and are very effectively utilized in meeting all the challenges of the DIG technology. The best part of these kinds of chemicals is that it helps in delivering excellent performance under the traditional port fuel injection engine platform.

 -Sludge breakers: These kinds of additives very effectively help in dissolving and fluidizing the sludge, tar, wax and gum formations. These kinds of chemicals are very much successful to separate the water from oil and water emulsions.

 -PPD for biodiesel: These kinds of additives help in preventing and modifying the wax crystallization process in the biodiesels. The best part is that it always helps to make sure that there is trouble-free winter operation throughout the process and the pumping ability of the biofuel is significantly improved.

 –Dewaxing AIDS: These kinds of additives are very much successful and interact with the paraffin so that it can help in resulting improve the speed of filtration and bring the higher yield of the oil. It also helps to improve the filtration characteristics of the base oil systems and helps to provide superior low-temperature performance all the time.

 -Stabilisers/antioxidants: These kinds of additives help in terminating the free radical chain reactions and also help to prevent oxidation degradation without influencing all other properties of the fuel.

 -Deoilers: These kinds of additives are very much successful in removing the free emulsified oil from the separated water into the refineries.

 –Demulsifier concentrates: These kinds of additives always help to bring economical demulsification of the water from water and oil emulsions.

 -Lubricity for dies: These kinds of additives help to impart the lubricity to the diesel which is lost ultimately because of the removal of naturally occurring lubricity components while removing the sulphur content from the crude.

 Hence, the refinery chemicals distributors in India help to make sure that all the industries have access to these kinds of chemicals so that their overall processes can be significantly improved.

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