R vs Stata: The main difference you must know


Stata is considered well-planned and user-friendly to make easy analyses. However, Stata grows more complicated when a user needs to program a deviant task. In contrast, R needs various necessary skills to perform even the easiest analysis.

Here in this article, we will discuss the correlation between R vs. Stata. Most of the students find it overwhelming to distinguish R vs. Stata to data science. As statistics students, one must understand the best language for data science among R vs. stata. Before going to comparison, we will first go through the definition of both programming languages.

R definition

R programming is considered the most powerful and most stable statistical language. This language is primarily used for mathematical calculation and graphics. This language offers various features such as great graphics, an affiliate to other languages, and debugging tools. This language is also referred to as the ancestor of the S language.

This language was invented in the 1980s; at that time, it was used by the bulk of statistical communities globally. However, the official release of R was in 1995. R’s development’s main purpose was to provide the statisticians to conduct complicated data statistical analysis. Basically, this language is acquired from the name of two developer’s, i.e., Ross Ihala and Robert Gentleman. 

Stata Definition

Stata is considered the most prevalent and extensively used statistical software around the world. The primary purpose of this language is to examine, manipulate, and provide a graphical visualization of data. It is mainly used to interpret data patterns. Most of the researchers use Stata in the areas of business, biomedicine, and civic science.

Like other applications, Stata is considered as the most powerful language because it gives a user command line and a graphical user interface. 

R vs. Stata

Ease of Learning

It isn’t very easy for the students to understand the R language because it is a programming cum scripting language. It is really very difficult for a beginner to acquire a new programming language. So, there are some free sources provided by R where you can easily learn this language. R is considered an open-source programming language that offers a great path for community developers to showcase their expertise. 

In contrast, Stata’s learning is very simple as compared to R. Most of the students find learning software an easier way than learning a programming language from scratch. Similar to R programming, Stata also provides community assistance to the users. In that case, you will find another user who can assist you when you face problems using Stata. 

Online Support

As we have stated above, R is considered as an open-source programming language, which indicates that this language is user-friendly or anyone can use this language. That is why the language R will not provide you any official support. However, you can take help by going through its documentation, community guide, guidebooks, publications, etc.

In contrast, to use stata langue, a user has to pay the charge. In simple words, it is a paid software, and each paid software is appreciated for its online support. Moreover, Stata allows great support to its users.


R did not cost you a single penny, and anyone can use this language. To run this language, you need to install it from the internet.

However, Stata costs you $179.00 per year for one user. Stata also provides multiple variants for learners, education, administration, and marketing. It also offers the latest marketing, update, and renewal facility of the packages. 


R provides various kinds of updates at frequent intervals, and it’s easier to find the latest update of R on its official site. 

In contrast, Stata offers their latest version updates every year. they will also provide you the newest update with the authorized version of Stata. 

Applications of R and Stata

Applications of R 

  • Primarily, R is utilized in detailed statistics. Statisticians use this language to review the main characteristics of the data. R is also utilized for many other purposes like analysis of variability, central tendency, and central tendency.
  • R is also considered as one of the most widespread means for exploratory data interpretation. R consists of the most beneficial data visualization library that is referred to as ggplot2. 
  • This language is providing the most reliable way to examine both discrete and constant probability distribution.
  • R also offers a user to perform system testing that can be utilized to authenticate statistical models.
  • R language is pretty easy in the organization of data and data preprocessing by using its tidyverse package. 
  •  R language has the most interactive web application package named Shiny. This package helps a user to create interactive web applications that can be simply installed on web pages. 
  • A user can also generate imminent models in R that run with integrating machine learning algorithms to discover future events

Applications of Stata 

  • Stats provides an intuitive graphical user interface. After all, it is user-friendly because it utilizes the point and agrees on GUI. The most beneficial part of Stata’s user interface is adjusting to the various types of users, i.e. newbies and experienced ones. 
  • Stat’s GUI allows tables and dialog boxes that help users obtain lots of valuable features, i.e., data administration, data interpretation, and mathematical interpretation. A user could have straightforward access to the information, graphics, and statistical menu. 
  • Stata allows a set of high-level elements that helps you to run more efficiently. A user can also use a data editor tool to discover the live data while exercising the functions and conduct operations. 
  • Stata also provides data management skills that help the user to have complete control across data sets. With the help of it, a user is able to associate the data set unitedly and modify them quickly. Apart from that, STATA also helps users annotate, edit, and maintain Stata variables.
  • Stata also offers the facility to create graphs efficiently in both ways; the first and the foremost is simply aiming and clicking, and the other one is by using the command line’s help. You should write the script in the command line that constantly comes up with multiple graphs. A user can use these graphs in publications, magazines, and export. Stata holds many file formats likePNG, EPS, SVG, and TIF. 


 Here in this article, we have listed an in-depth comparison between R vs. Stata. R is a programming language that offers a user to do various tasks as compared to Stata. After reading this article, you will get to know the best language you should prefer and this article will help you to get extensive knowledge about these programming languages.

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