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Preparing For CISSP Exam: 7 Steps Guide To See

CISSP is one of the most famous information security certificates in the world. Becoming a CISSP is a great choice if you have several years of experience and want to upscale. It is also a great choice for beginners to work towards their desired career. Like any certification or the exam, CISSP too needs a dedicated, passionate and motivated mindset if you are to succeed in the CISSP certification exam. Obtaining this certificate can be a challenge if you do not prepare for the exam and do not set a deadline for completing your education. 


Let’s discuss those 7 crucial steps of CISSP study guide: 


To help CISSP candidates successfully pass the CISSP exam, we have listed 7 steps on how to prepare for and be successful in the CISSP exam in this CISSP tutorial. So, keep reading this post for details on the CISSP tutorial.


  1. Set a target date for completing your CISSP survey: 

The first step in this CISSP tutorial is to set a target date for your CISSP exam. If you meet the requirements of the CISSP certification, you can start preparing for the CISSP exam. The fact is that we all hesitate. That’s human nature. It doesn’t matter what you need to achieve, if you will not set a deadline, you will keep on procrastinating or trying less than you should. When we have a deadline, it motivates, so you plan to finish our work by that date.


How can deadlines really help you reach your goals? Well, deadlines can make your goals more manageable and effective and keep your study tasks under control. Deadlines allow you to finish the tasks at the office on time. You can do multitasking. The same works at time of CISSP exam preparation. You invest money for attempting the exam. You will also try a lot. So, you don’t want that effort or investment to go to waste, right? Therefore, the first step in this CISSP guide is to set a deadline for completing your CISSP studies.


  1. Prepare your CISSP syllabus: 

Let’s move on to the second step in a study guide for CISSP. Every individual has their own learning pattern. Some can plan their research while others research indiscriminately without following a set plan and timeline. However, those who stick to a schedule and plan have a better chance of success. Because when you plan something, things are in control. You can also see how far you have reached your goal and how far you are still from your goal. Your plan is like a motivating force that constantly pushes you to take the right steps to achieve your goals. Therefore, it is an important part of the CISSP training manual. You must choose to participate in the comprehensive CISSP certification training program. You can check out our free 30-minute CISSP training demonstration.


You need to have a good training plan in advance, to prepare for the CISSP exam. It is crucial as there are various things you need to learn. While no one can excel in all 8 areas of the CISSP, you need to prepare well if you want to pass the CISSP exam easily. Your curriculum should include teaching methodologies, practical methods, and a list of your preferred study materials. You also need to follow a schedule. The schedule will help you not to deviate from your plans and you will follow a systematic path to reach your goals.


  1. Take notes during your CISSP exam: 

Having well-written notes will help you remember concepts later and better understand a topic, so this is another important step in your CISSP tutorial. Sometimes it’s necessary to take notes to summarize a difficult or long paragraph in your own words to make it easier to understand. When you take notes, you are more engaged with your subject matter and more focused. In addition, notes help improve comprehension and retention. This is actually a proven method for preserving memory. Whether you’re learning from a online tutorial videos, reading CISSP textbooks, or participating in CISSP group research discussions, take notes!


Notes are not only about writing text. You can include many other things in the notes. For example, you can create a mind map. This allows you to better understand how certain topics are related or to dig deeper with certain ideas. You can also make points, write a summary of something, or write anything else that you think will help you prepare for the CISSP exam later.


In step 3 of the CISSP note writing tutorial, be careful what you write. If your notes are disorganized, messy or sketchy at first glance, you won’t get much benefit from them. It is not connected with your hard working, but it’s important to have good notes worth writing down.


  1. Practice as much as you can: 

After reading CISSP books, it cannot be said that you have completed the preparation. This is going to be 4th step of CISSP guide. You never know how much you’ve missed in a given area. You also won’t know if you forget something to learn. So what should you do? Take the practice test! You can check our CISSP course practice exam.


In practice exams, you will find out where you are currently. Define goals. For example, aim for a 95% result in a practical test. Keep in mind that if you score 95% on the practice test given at home on the exam, you may score less than 90%. Because in real exams you are bound by a deadline. So you take the exam under pressure, which limits your thinking ability and you can also make mistakes. So try to get the maximum score while practicing the exam at home.


Where can I find practice tests?

You can find many free practice tests for CISSP on the Internet. However, most out of them are outdated. Some tests have incorrect answers and may not be justified. So you should be careful while deciding to take the free CISSP practice exam. If you really want to use updated and useful practice tests, we suggest investing some money in paid practice tests.


  1. Check your wrong answers: 

You will get a lot of questions right during the practice, but there may be a lot of wrong answers. Don’t be disappointed by your wrong answer. This will be an opportunity to review your course material and adapt your concepts where you are lacking.


So, in step 5 of the CISSP tutorial, double-check your wrong answers and find out where and why you went wrong. Also read why. The justification for the answer describes the topic directly on the site. And if you feel you need additional training, you can always go back to your subject matter.


You may find that you have not studied a certain subject. Sometimes we overlook things because they seem so simple. Or maybe you because you think you know it well but you don’t really know much. This can be serious because you may miss important things. So your wrong answers will show how good your preparation really is and what you still have to learn.


  1. Review your notes: 

In step 3 of the CISSP guide for study, we mentioned the importance of notes. You now have your notes in step 6 of the CISSP guide, so take another look. You may have written some summaries or rote points. Go through them and get the best out of them.


You may even find it helpful to review your notes more than once. Because we tend to ignore subject matter and think we already know it, we often miss important things. Also, reviewing your notes more than once will give you a better understanding of the concepts or terminology you wrote down in your notes.


  1. Get CISSP! : 

Once you have completed the CISSP training guide and followed it perfectly for studies, you should be confident for attempting CISSP exam. If you have followed the 7 step CISSP tutorial correctly, you are good to go. Plan for the CISSP exam now and take a easy breathe!


Summing up: 

As with any certification, there is no acronym with CISSP. Just attending CISSP training is not enough. Studying CISSP books alone is not enough. And just trying the CISSP practice test isn’t enough either. You have to go through all of this. Not only that, if you feel you need to read or study extra, you need to use video tutorials, reference guides and other useful materials to pass the exam easily.


At the time of CISSP exam preparation, you will work with 8 domains. Your chances of mastering more than five of them are very little. Some of the domains will be a little complicated for your and will need some extra efforts. It’s significantly important not to stress yourself out and keep the momentum moving ahead. Take it easy when it is about preparations. By following your training plan, you will have confidence along your journey that you will reach your level.


To help you prepare for the CISSP exam, we’ve pen down this 7 step CISSP guide to study. If you will go through this CISSP study guide, you will see that your efforts will be going in the right direction i.e towards success. 


Vinsys is with you as your training partner. We provide end-to-end assistance along with robust training for CISSP Certification exam in USA and across the globe. Get in touch with us today.   

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