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Perfume Shop Birmingham


Everyone loves to smell good. A good fragrance will light your mood and make you feel fresh. OUDH shop a reliable Perfume Shop Birmingham where you can get your go-to and luxuries fragrance under one roof.

Keeping a range of perfumes for men and women. You can get here designer and Arabic perfumes. Are specialized in Oudh fragrance.

The brand not only offers perfumes the customer can find a variety of natural air fresheners, car air fresheners. And the travel perfumes. These are small in size and you carry them with you anywhere.

About Brand

Dealing in a variety of perfumes for him and her. A variety of oud perfumes and oil that smell amazing and are worth the price.

Sole manufacturer dealing with Oud Al Anfar products in the UK. Distributing retail and wholesale price perfumes to the customers. You can get a team directly to find any information via email and the support team will respond to you soon.

Perfume Shop Birmingham Rich Collection

Searching for a new and nice fragrance? Get your wish come true now with the Oud perfumes collection.

Either men or women both want to experiment with new fragrances that are better than the old ones. The brand comes with a huge perfume collection. All the Arabic fragrances originate with an oud smell. Little junk of flowers and alcohol is adding to make it smell luxurious. The smells last for almost 12 hours. Just a spray and you are ready to go.

Women Collection

Women and perfumes can’t be separat. They love to smell nice and heavenly. All the Oud perfumes are specially designed to meet the needs. The designer perfume and Arabic perfume collection do not let you see anywhere.

Furthermore, you can get special oud perfume oils. That is gentle to your skin and smells good too. The bottles of perfumes are unique like their fragrance.

Men Collection

When it comes to buying perfumes men prefer to buy strong and alcohol-based perfumes. This is something that brings a smile to their face. Men like to wear the smells that truly define them. The Oud collection of the brand is perfect for men. The collection and bottles are designed that match their personality.

Like the women, there are also Oud perfume oils for the men. Select a high collection of rich Arabic Oud perfumes and oils that you will not find anywhere else.

Perfume Tester

Confuse about what to choose?

Either you will like the fragrance or not. Maybe you waste your money by choosing the wrong smell that is not of your taste. Then try it with the tester perfumes before you buy the bottle. The tester package has four mini sizes of perfumes that will help you to choose yours.

Perfume Gifts

What is a better gift than perfume?

Gifting a perfume is always the best choice for anyone who loves to wear different fragrances. Either a man or a woman both are going to love it. The rich designs of the bottles and the fragrance can be used for any occasion. The luxury fragrance brands are high in demand in the Middle East and at the top end of Dubai.

Gift Set

Need a gift? That meets your financial status and also is worthy. Perfumes are the best gift to give to someone. You can choose a gift for a couple from a gift set. The set comes with him and her collection. The present and fragrance is something that everyone is going to love.

Product and Shipping Policies

The shipping policies are convenient for the customers.

You can shop from anywhere in the UK. Over the $30 order shipment is free.

All the products are authentic from the manufacturers and test in the Lab.

No side effects of the product. You can use the product directly on the skin.

If you find any fault in the product, get your money back in 30 days.


What makes the difference?

The company is the sole dealer of Oud perfumes with a touch of french rich fragrance. That makes the scents smell differently from the other brands.

Do the testers’ perfume smell the same?

Testers of all perfumes are available and they smell exactly the huge bottle.

Can the oil perfumes apply to the skin?

The oil perfumes are made up of natural things so they don’t harm your skin. You can apply the oils directly to your skin even if it is sensitive. See more

Do the Oud perfumes contain any hard chemicals?

All the products are free of harsh chemicals. They don’t have any side effects.

For which events the Oud perfumes are best?

The range comes with a strong and light smell both. The perfumes are best from daily going to a wedding or party events.

Are these perfumes alcohol-free?

Some of the perfumes are alcohol-free. Also, some are diluted with a very little amount of alcohol.

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