Makeup Top Trends For Autumn 2020 to 2021


Summer is my favourite time of year, but fall is close to my heart for obvious reasons: imagine trying out lots of make-up & beauty products right in front of your toilet table for over half an hour without sweating.

We love to try make-up, but we hate to get melted. That’s the bonus we enjoy in autumn. I like to experiment with darker tones with as many layers of make-up as possible, which I prefer.

And yes, how can I forget to say that I have plenty of matte lipsticks and tinted balm to be with me wherever I go? Just to make sure I always look ready for bed.

Finally, I want to mention that I’m very alert to what my face looks like, I think it’s more of a natural look and feels & that’s why I’m worried about how my skin feels, my eyelashes are longer & fuller as I prefer Careprost Eyelash Serum to the rest. Believe me, I’ve been using it for 6 months now and I’m extremely pleased with how it’s made me fit for autumnal eyes. Or, say, ready for any season.

7 of The Best Make-up Trends For Autumn 2020 That Will Make You Rule Instagram feeds:

1. Smokey Blue Eyeshadow

First, smokey eye make-up is boldness. You choose an oblique path from sweeter tones to witchy tones. If you have something for smokey eye make-up, then this season you want to switch from blacks to blues. No wonder it will definitely level your look.

2. White Eye Liner

Yes, we all know we’re not talking about something new here, but both agree that white eyeliner gets lost somewhere at the bottom of your make-up bag.

3. Darker Tints on The Lips

It’s not always about changing the make-up. We wear make-up that elevates the overall outlook, including the outfits, so you need to shuffle your wardrobe for some super cool fall outfits. Trust me; nothing is superior to matte lips with these comfortable ones. It gives you the given dimension for victory.

4. Orange Eye Palette is The Value That Falls

If you want to keep your eyes at the epicenter of your make-up, try the orange eye palette. It’s like watching the sunset. Don’t forget to use a touch of yellow and pink for a gradient effect, and you’ll get the ultimate results.

5. Colored Mascara

This year, autumn is all about experimenting with colours. In other words, you have given your eyes a lot of strong shades. Now, it’s time to give them a lighter side. Again, this can be done with the least effort and you should not wear the same old black mascara look.

6. Highlighting The Face Everywhere, But Naturally

I know it’s pretty overwhelming, but try it, you’ll be in love with it. Don’t exaggerate, just give a few clues to your face everywhere and the sunshine glow will be heartbreaking in no time.

7. Colorful Makeup Palettes Are in!

Okay, you’ve tried darker eyeshadows before, and now it’s time to make some room for lighter ones. Neon & Light Eyeshadow Palette is the hottest favorite for this season, so if you haven’t tried yet, what are you waiting for?

The Takeaway

Take your Instagram game to the next level with our exclusive Fall Make-up Trends Checklist: Autumn is here & if you haven’t tried it yet, are you enjoying Autumn 2020 at all?

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