Luxury Apartments & Ultra-Luxury Apartments in India: What Should You Know


Many people believe that luxury and ultra-luxury apartments are interchange terms and have the same meaning. However, this isn’t true. The regular luxury apartments are equipped with large units and high-end amenities, such as a gym, swimming pool, manicured lawns, and security. On the other hand, ultra-luxury apartments come with extra features and unparalleled amenities.

When investing in a luxury residential project or buying either a luxurious home or an apartment, home buyers now expect to have designer fixtures, home automation (smart home features), customization, private gardens and pools, fine dining, multiple parking units, fast elevators, and a plethora of other features. Rising economy, changing lifestyle, and higher disposable income are the main reasons the demand and taste for such luxurious elements have grown.

Homeowners today get a lot of inspiration from the luxe interiors that are currently in trend and how glam has become an essential cog of luxurious living spaces. This is quite evident from the growing demand for ultra-luxury apartments. The fact that super luxury apartments in Mumbai are being developed at a fast pace also testifies this fact. The rising number of such living spaces allows potential residents to access and enjoy deluxe features of a lavish lifestyle. 

Let’s delve a bit deeper:

Luxury Life & Indians

In the Asia-Pacific Region, India ranks fourth after Japan, China, and Australia for being home to the largest population of millionaires as per the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report (2016). The basic driving factor behind the demand for a luxury apartment is due to those with high and ultra-high net worth of HNIs and UHNIs, and the investments made by them. Due to their extensive traveling, they are known for the high-end lifestyle that the elite follows all over the world.

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They are not ready to settle down for less. They are more than eager to acquire all that is needed to live a luxurious living from any corner of the world. Suffice to state, the luxury segment is thriving. So much so that the realtors have no option but to keep pace with them and continue innovating with the trends and demands.

Those leading a luxurious lifestyle want to enjoy ultra-luxury living. How do they both differ from each other? Let’s take a look:

Luxury Apartments & Ultra-Luxury Apartments

Here are some of the main differences between the two:

Personal Space & Privacy

Not that you cannot enjoy privacy in luxury apartments but with ultra-luxury apartments, you get to enjoy the highest degree of privacy. As far the facilities are concerned, luxury apartments are fully equipped with those. When it comes to celebrities and stars, they wish to have secure entrances and exits ultra-luxury gated communities are known for. They want to enjoy a private life as well so they wish to make their home a place to stay out of the public eye.

Personal space is another factor. Apartments of more than 2500 sq. ft. are touted as ultra-luxury. The units per floor are limited and green spaces are abundant as well as secure parking for multiple vehicles.

The Location

Ultra-luxury projects are usually built in the most sought-after areas of the city. The price of this land is on the higher side. The area enjoys a strategic location, lush green spaces, and great connectivity to the rest of the city. They are within proximity to the airport, important roads, business districts while enjoying less noise and sound pollution.


The ultra-luxury apartments offer the latest trends in terms of designs and technology. Construction materials of the highest quality are used in building these along with RCC frame structures, Green Building certification, fire-resistant uPVC sliding windows, and imported kitchen fittings. Ultra-luxury apartments are adorned with high-end interior décor, advanced security systems, the layout is incredible, along with designer interior elements.

The aim is to provide residents with an unmatched living experience to the residents.

Smart Home Technology

Ultra-luxury apartments are characterized by smart home features along with sustainable designs. Lavish homes aren’t only about modern facilities and deluxe design. The luxury list of today has smart homes in it as well. Also, this doesn’t mean high-end amenities only, but high-security too. As technology is advancing, luxury homebuyers are keen to add to their lifestyle through smart security as well.

The newly-developed luxury apartments along with 1 BHK flats in Mulund West for sale are making an impact on the buyers. Even studio apartments and 1-BHK ones are designed and built with great precision and caution. Although a bit towards the expensive side, people belonging to this class of society have experienced the best living standards and are willing to pay a good amount to get it too.

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