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Learn Common Mistakes Every Woman Makes While Wearing a Kurta


Kurtas are the one outfit piece that has wide acclaim among women. Kurtas represent Indian ethnicity and culture in one breath and are the most comfortable piece of clothing. The design of this timeless garment has also been evolving to match the ever-changing fashion trends. Kurtas can be styled in a million ways – for casual outings, formal events or as a wedding outfit, but it needs to be worn the right way to make one look elegant and stylish. The fact that kurtas are so popular among women is because they are not limited to any particular region or state like other ethnic outfits; therefore rendering them one of the most sought after pieces at current times.

The Indian e-commerce market is filled with numerous Kurti designs, but it is a wise option to invest in a quality product with a timeless design. When it comes to luxury Indian designs, there is none better than AMPM. This brand has been spreading the authenticity and magnificence of Indian silhouettes for almost two decades now. If you would like to get some effortlessly elegant and intricately embroidered kurtas, click here to check their collection. Besides, this article is a detailed write up on how to avoid some common mistakes while wearing a kurta, therefore make sure to go through it.

Buy the right length

Length is a crucial factor when it comes to kurtas. Buy a kurta that enhances your height and elongates your body. Along with the length, it is equally essential to pair your kurtas with the right bottoms. For example- if the length is short then wear it with a nice pair of trousers, and if the kurta is long, you can wear it either with a pair of leggings or a pair of trousers.

Embroidery and fabric colour should be a perfect match

Embroidered kurtas are a minimal yet refined way of dressing up. It automatically elevates your look and makes one look stylish and sophisticated. There are times, though, when the colors of the embroidery do not go hand in hand with the fabric color which automatically disbalances the design and look of the entire outfit. Therefore, make sure to check these factors when you buy embroidery designer Kurtis online.

Avoid too much embroidery

While it is true that embroideries represent a classic silhouette for Kurtis, too much of it can spoil the look. It is better not to go overboard with it and try to keep it minimal. Minimal intricate embroideries with meticulous detailing are the best way of wearing a kurta.

These are a few little details one should keep in mind while buying embroidery designer Kurtis online. Besides these details, it is also essential to use the right amount of accessories to complete the look. Embroidery in itself is quite a weighty work, so avoid using too much jewellery so that one does not overshadow the other.


A beautiful balance of modern aspiration and timeless tradition enhance the appearance of any outfit. It is also true of embroidered kurtas. If you are looking for a beautifully embroidered kurta with a unique colour combination, which also feels luxurious, then AMPM is the store for you. AMPM is such a designer brand where art and aesthetics are at the core of their design sophistication. Their collections are inspired by varied arts and crafts from India and all over the world. Their artwork and garment detailing set them apart from different Indian brands; additionally, AMPM’s price range is much better compared to other designer labels. Hence, if you are interested in owning a glamorous embroidered designer kurta in a decent price range, you should check the AMPM collection.

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