Kodachadri trek Full Guide


Investing energy and cash on encounters are the call of the lifetime. Indeed, spending your well deserved cash on the materialistic things won’t benefit you enough in your life. They are equipped for giving you the fleeting joy that would not keep going for a more drawn out timeframe. All things considered, the cash and the time spent on the encounters like going for an excursion, taking a stay cation, taking self spoiling meetings, going for experience trips, going through ends of the week in a better place, and so on are a portion of the things one must burn through their effort, time, and cash on. 

Thinking about this, we are continually attempting to bring some unconventional spots for traveling around the nation. Here is a short bit about the acclaimed Kodachadri journey which is in Karnataka. For the individuals of Bangalore and other close by places, this is an astounding simple trip to take off to. 

This trip is likewise reasonable for the novice level explorers. The trouble level of this trip is moderate and consequently this makes it simple for the apprentices also to give it a shot. In the event that you have ever experienced simple level path journey previously, you could go for this one decisively. In spite of the fact that the path of this journey isn’t the least demanding however it is amusing to be crossed by the non-experts also. Henceforth, the tenderfoots and the swashbucklers who love journeying however have not been to different trips then you can most likely give a shot with this trip. 

About Place 

Kodachadri Hiking is a famous trip zone in Shimoga around eight to ten hours from Bengaluru. The separation of Kodachadri to Bangalore is of around 420 km. Likewise, the most ideal approach to arrive at Kodachadri from Bangalore is by the street venture. In this journey, you would be going into the thick woodlands. The path type incorporates cascades, thick timberlands, precipices and glades. There are significantly two path which you should cross in this journey and they are Karekatte and Marakuttaka. There are lovely unlimited sights to investigate in this journey. The path of the journey isn’t the most effortless yet in addition it is loads of fun and absolutely reasonable for the new adventurers as well. 

This trip is a little one, ideally an end of the week journey that is of 2 days and 1 night. September to February are the greatest months to go for this journey. 

Karnataka is honored with probably the most wonderful pinnacles and this is the tenth most noteworthy pinnacle of the state. This mountain top is at a height 0f 1300 feet over the ocean level. Kodachadri mountain top is around 20 km from Kollur which is additionally renowned and known for the Mookambika sanctuary. 


The source of the Kodachadri top is related with the popular Hindu master, Adi Shankaracharya. The world thinks about this Great Indian thinker. This spot is known to be the reflection spot of his. Sarvajna Peetha is the contemplation focal point of this spot of the master. 

This was really the stone sanctuary at first which was set up by the master. The acclaimed sanctuary is the sanctuary Mookambika in the Kollur region which is 20 km from the Kodachadri zone. Goddess Mookambika’s starting point place is this one. 

Instructions to Reach 

Kodachadri is a mountain top in Karnataka state in the Shimoga area to be exact. Kollur, Shimoga, and Kundapur are the closest towns to Kodachadri. A jeep ride is one of the most interesting approaches to arrive at Kodachadri from Kollur. The most widely recognized approach to arrive at Kodachadri is from Bangalore also which the greater part of individuals do. It is a street venture from Bangalore to Kodachadri which is of around 420 km and the time taken would associate with 8 hours. 

Shimoga railroad station is the nearest and the closest railroad station to Kodachadri. The closest air terminal to Kodachadri is the Mangalore air terminal. Both of these railroad stations and the air terminals are all around associated with the significant air terminals and railroad stations of the nation. These are very well available to all pieces of the nation. 

Spots to Visit 

The most stunning spot to visit and investigate in the Kodachadri journey is simply the Kodachadri top. This one is the tenth most elevated pinnacle of the Karnataka state. You would cherish the perspectives on the spot from the top. There is an excellent perspective on the Arabian ocean from the highest point of the pinnacle. Kodachadri nightfall see the point is another epic spot to investigate while the travelers are at the Kodachadri journey. Try not to miss the dusk sees from the top. On a cloudless day, one can see the sun going down straight into the ocean and that sight is simply mystical and out of the world. 

Hidlumane cascades are the following wonderful spot to investigate in the Kodachadri journey region. Nagara fortification is somewhere else to investigate around the Kodachadri journey territory. The Mookambika sanctuary in the Kollur locale is likewise one more popular spot to stop at and make some savoring memories in a strict air. 

The Kodachadri journey is a little one and henceforth there are minimal lesser spots to investigate. Be that as it may, these spots are truly serene and keeps you near the nature. 

Best an ideal opportunity to Visit 

The best an ideal opportunity to go on the Kodachadri journey is during the long stretches of September to February. The cold weather months are most fit a long time for going on the Kodachadri trip to encounter its best. During these months, the valley is covered with lavish green grass, delightful mists, cold breeze, and in general wonderful scenes. The temperature and the moistness during this season at Kodachadri journey is at the best form of it that makes it absolutely agreeable for the voyagers to be there. 

Likewise, it is in every case great to travel during the winters at the journeying spots in South India. This is the point at which you will experience passionate feelings for the vibe of the spot. The dampness levels during the summers is extraordinary with so it is ideal to keep away from this time.

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