Know Before Flying with Allegiant Airlines


As we all know, Allegiant Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier that offers impressive fares for most destinations. Allegiant is not one of those airlines that will serve you additional facilities on board. An essential point to consider before flying with Allegiant Airlines is that you have to make some sacrifice here and there; however, getting flight tickets for 50% less, who wouldn’t!

Allegiant Airlines, being a ‘no-frills’ airline, has a different booking and traveling experience for its customers. If you want to travel to a nearby city and do not want to pay high fares, you can always go to Allegiant Airlines. If you’re going to travel with Allegiant, you should know that Allegiant Airlines low fare calendar is fixed, and you need to adjust your traveling dates accordingly. Keeping this in mind, let’s see what you should consider before making a reservation with Allegiant Airlines book a flight.

Things to know before choosing Allegiant Airlines

  • Direct Booking

If you have tried booking Allegiant Airlines flight tickets, you might have noticed that the booking option for this airline is not available on any third-party travel sites. Unlike other airlines, Allegiant Airlines allows customers to book and amend changes to existing flight itineraries from their official website only.

From the websites, you can collect information regarding the destinations they service, the fares they are offering, their flight schedule, and other relevant rules and regulations. The fares provided by Allegiant Airlines are exceptionally less, and that is what is a bit deceiving for a customer who has never traveled with them. They only offer a rock-bottom fare for their flight ticket in which no seat, baggage, or in-flight meals are included.

  • Fixed Flight Schedules

It is for sure that Allegiant Airlines does not fly frequently, or I should say, daily. Instead, they fly twice a week and keep their destinations minimum. Allegiant Airlines is the best airline to travel to the cities nearby. Hence it is better that you adjust your travel plans accordingly.

  • Incur Additional cost 

Another significant difference between high-fare flights and Allegiant Airlines is that it does not include baggage allowance in the flight ticket. Therefore, before buying your ticket, you need to be sure of the number of check-in and carry-on bags. In the flight, if you keep luggage in the carrier above, you have to pay an extra fare; hence it is advisable to carry a bag that is small enough to fit under your seat (you don’t have to pay for that).

In case of seat selection, like any other flight, Allegiant offers the option for pre-booked seats or automatic seats assigned to their passengers. So, customers need not worry about that. However, if you are a traveler who loves extra legroom and free space, you should select first-row seats. They do cost high, but not anywhere close to the expensive flights.

  • Affordable Deals with Hotels and Rental Cars

While booking your tickets, Allegiant offers hotel and rental car bookings. Allegiant Airlines reservations  have a deal with few hotels and rental car companies wherein they offer rooms and rental cars at discounted rates for the entire trip. Isn’t it exciting!

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