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It’s Christmas of 2020! 6 Ways to Keep the Festive Spirit Up Amid Pandemic


December is the merriest and most anticipated time of the year.

Christmas parties are not only known for their cheerful spirit, but also as an opportunity to thank people who led us where we are. And who is more conscious of it than HR professionals and talent leaders that people deserve thanks now more than ever. Festivities make daily work-routine a little more comforting and livelier than usual. So, how do you celebrate the much-awaited Christmas during this pandemic?

Burger King decorated its Christmas lights much earlier than anyone with #WrapUp2020 campaign.

Several other brands echoed the sentiments of celebrating Christmas earlier than usual as a symbol of an end to the disappointing times the year brought with it. Do you have any plans to wrap this year with a Christmas party that brings people together and engage them?

We list here a few ideas to keep the Christmas spirits bright – and celebrate it the socially distanced way. Take a look!

1. Christmas Eve Virtual Party

Just like everything else, take your festivities digital this year.

If people are already tired of Zoom and Teams, HR professionals can spice it up with new games and rules.

  • Put your Santa hats on!
  • Set a dress code.
  • Give your videos a crackling background.
  • Bring your own snacks.
  • Organize a few games: A virtual mystery box (Do what it says. Tasks can include virtual cocktail making, painting Mona Lisa with crayons in five minutes, etc.), virtual karaoke (after the party is in swing), and more. Reward the winners.

2. Christmas Cookie and Cocktail Swaps

Cookie exchanges are classic at a Christmas party. To do it the socially distanced way, have everyone share their favorite recipes online, and let people try them at home and share the pictures and reviews on video. Similarly, host a happy hour of Christmas cocktails and toast with a warm cup of eggnog, spiced wine, and others (have their recipes also shared among people).

Some from the porch or from inside their blankets, can ask their family members to click a photograph, which can be sent to the HR professionals to share their moments.

Another way to share food and drinks with your employees is by sending online vouchers for a dine-in with the family or booking a known restaurant for a specific time to let employees come with their families and share a meal together.

3. Do a good deed together this Christmas!

For the homeless, orphans, senior citizens, and other vulnerable groups, HR leaders can organize donation campaigns and ask the entire office to contribute to help these people celebrate holidays. From hygiene kits to warm clothes, giving for a good cause will nurture gratitude among people and deepen the spirit of togetherness this time of the year.

Afterward, images of the donations can be shared with everyone in the office to show the smiles they helped enable with their contributions. Don’t put many demands on your staff. Let them share what they can.

4. Christmas Eve Book Reading

This one is for the book lovers at your workplace. Have a reading session together of the interested parties of your favorite Christmas play or book. HR professionals can make people bring their favorite snacks, deserts, and drinks to these sessions. Christmas can mark the beginning of these enriching sessions, which can be carried to the next year.

5. Gift Time

Secret Santa may not seem as feasible now, but it can be organized virtually with many third-party websites that are helping HR professionals in the feat. Though, HRs will need to go the extra mile to plan the event. Make sure to agree on a spending limit with the participants, discuss who all wish to contribute, and plan other logistics (postage and other things). Gifts can be opened on a team video call.

From company’s end, gifts can be given to the employees in form of vouchers, or a day off for shopping and outing with friends and family.

6. Give Award to the Achievers

One of the best ways to end the year is on an appreciative note. Recognize the contribution of people who have helped businesses going through in these challenging times. Thank by organizing an award ceremony or sending recognition emails in everyone’s inbox.

We all need something to look forward to this year. Put your Santa hats on and give your employees a Christmas to cheer for.

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