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Is Your Crested Gecko Unwell? Know the Remedies


Crested geckos are healthy reptiles and they easily thrive in captivity. They are docile and friendly. But, your pet can also get unwell. It may happen due to many factors. Here are some common diseases for crested geckoand how to care for them-

  • Dysecdysis

Dysecdysis is the failure to shed appropriately. It is by and large brought about by a lack of hydration or low humidity level. At the point when the skin doesn’t shed appropriately, it can dry and cause a restricted bloodstream to the zone influenced. The regions that are bound to be influenced are the tail and the toes. This can make the tail or toes solidify and tumble off.

In case, you find stuck skin on the crested gecko ; absorb it into a tub of water for as long as 60 minutes. When the skin is relaxed, tenderly eliminate it with tweezers. On the off chance that it doesn’t fall off effectively, don’t compel it. Let them drench for additional time until you can eliminate the skin tenderly.

The ideal humidity level for a crested gecko nook is somewhere in the range of 55 and 80%. A blend thermometer/hygrometer, regularly accessible at pet stores that sell reptile supplies, ought to be kept inside the nook to screen temperature and humidity. Utilize a shower container to fog the fenced-in area with water; once toward the beginning of the day and once at night will for the most part keep up a sound dampness level while permitting a short dry-out period during the day, which assists with lessening microorganisms abundance coming about because of unnecessary dampness. Your crested geckos will anticipate the daily misting, and they will slurp up water beads from the plants and sides of the enclosure.

  • Diarrhea

Loose bowels are a typical issue in the crested gecko, related to an eating routine high in pureed nourishments. To forestall this, the gecko ought to be taken care of an even eating routine of crickets, supper substitution powder, and pureed nourishment or natural product infant food.

  •  Pneumonia

Pneumonia can happen in crested geckos if their cage gets improper ventilation and isn’t kept clean. They can likewise get this respiratory contamination if the temperature remains excessively low and the nook is kept excessively wet. This issue can be exacerbated by a horrible eating routine. This can be dodged if you furnish your crested gecko with the best possible territory and healthful parity.

  • Metabolic bone disease

Metabolic bone sickness happens when the crested gecko isn’t getting enough calcium or nutrient B3, which measures the calcium. Youthful geckos and reproducing females are more inclined to this sickness since they require more elevated levels of calcium. The most ideal approach to forestall this illness is to ensure you feed the gecko gut stacked crickets or utilize a calcium/nutrient B3 supplement.

  • Floppy tail syndrome or FTS

Floppy-tail syndrome (FTS) isn’t a disease.  It is a health condition that happens from the crested gecko being kept in imprisonment. FTS is the point at which the gecko’s tail truly tumbles about with no control. It is brought about by the gecko leaning vertically against the fenced-in area’s dividers. The pelvis gets unfit to help the heaviness of the tail.

Crested geckos won’t develop back their tails whenever dropped. Truth be told, most wild crested geckos don’t have tails. A crested gecko will confine its tail in guard, abandoning it to tumble around and divert an eventual hunter while the gecko escapes to security. In imprisonment, essentially being frightened or held also firmly can make pet crested geckos feel compromised and drop their tails. Those without their tails ought not to be viewed as any less lovely, notwithstanding. I have a few tailless crested and think of them as similarly as wonderful as the ones with tails.

If you want to keep your pet healthy in captivity, ensure their cage is hygienic and comes with enough humidity and moisture level. Moreover, provide them enough food and water to ensure they can live without any problem.

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