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Is TikTok giving the money to upload a funny video?


Many people ask on social media and tweets on Twitter that TikTok is giving money by uploading the videos or that how can we earn money from TikTok…?

Then happiest news for those people ho’s already working on Tictok and having a million’s follower’s these TikTok Star’s earns much money by simply follow the rules

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Why TikTok is giving the money for the video?

TikTok is not giving the money of the videos… yes you read right TicTik is given the money of only ads which shows on your video’s these are google ads, sponsored ads, Tobola ads and propeller’s ads, etc. These ads buy the paid membership from TikTok. Then TikTok show the ads on your TikTok account and in return you get a profit or commission.

How Much you can earn on TikTok per day, week, and month?

Let’s I told you that you much you can earn your tiktok account per day, per week, and per month?

I faced many students who asked each other oh dude how much earn a profit per day, week, and month.. then I think that I write an article to solve the problems of the students as well as others…

I already told you on the top that it’s dependent on you video watch time, followers, and likes if you have a Good and healthy account and having all the quality then you can earn one video 200$ to 2000$ per sponsor’s video

How can I get TikTok Followers?

Most and influence question of the innocent people how can I get TikTok follower’s then this blog solve your problem and giving you TikTok follower’s easy and secure method…

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