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Is Temperature Controlled Shipping Right for Your Business Needs?


In the business world, it’s often the companies that go the extra mile for the customer that make it. If you ship out products to customers, you need to make sure it arrives in tip-top condition.

One way you can achieve this is by utilizing temperature controlled shipping. Here’s how it works and how it will benefit your customers.

Prevent Temperature Related Damage

Extreme temperatures can easily damage many types of products. For example, if you’re shipping food, it could easily spoil if it’s left in a hot van all afternoon.

Certain types of material might also crack when exposed to extreme cold. Another type of temperature-related damage is when a package leaves a cold van and enters the customer’s warm home.

When the customer opens the package, the rapid temperature change could cause damage to the products inside. Products that are made out of glass are particularly susceptible to this problem.

If your delivery vans use a climate-controlled shipping container, you can be sure that this kind of damage won’t occur.

Simplify Logistics

If you’re shipping something that needs to be kept cool, you might pack it with an ice back. This works well, but only if nothing goes wrong. If such a package is delayed over the weekend, the ice will melt, and the contents will spoil.
If you’re using climate-controlled shipping, you and your customers won’t need to worry about delays. This means that you will save time and money on refunds and reshipping.

Climate-controlled storage containers can also help you to cut down on wastage from products spoiling in storage. If you find yourself throwing out a lot of your inventory because of the heat or cold, you should consider investing in a climate control system.

Impress Potential Clients With Temperature Controlled Shipping

In the world of e-commerce, you need to take steps to stand out from the crowd. Being able to advertise that your company offers temperature controlled shipping sounds impressive.

Even if a potential customer would not really benefit from this kind of service, it gives the impression that you are running a professional company and that you know what you’re doing.

Ensure Customer Safety

With certain types of shipping, not keeping the temperatures under control simply isn’t an option. For example, if your shipping pharmaceuticals, you’ll need to maintain control over the environment.

This is because certain medications will lose their effectiveness or even become toxic if they’re exposed to extreme temperatures. You have a responsibility to your customers, so you must ship things in the appropriate cool containers.

Invest in Temperature Controlled Shipping

As you can see, investing in temperature controlled shipping is potentially a great business move for your company. You will have less damaged and spoiled products, and you’ll have greater levels of customer satisfaction.

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