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Is HVAC Air Duct Cleaning a Good Idea?


We are aware of the fact that research about duct cleaning is in its early stages thus a blanket recommendation cannot be offered to ensure whether it is worthy to go for air cleaning or not. To know whether it is a good idea to go for cleaning this time around it is important that you go through this article so that you are aware of all the details that you have doubts about. 


There is significant evidence that shows that cleaning ducts have proved to be worthy in terms of health issues. Since Air ducts are the pipes that allow the air to flow through into your room or house thus all the clutter, dust, and debris resting in them is carried along. It is the reason you or anyone of your family might face problems such as skin allergies, worsen asthma, and many other issues that are related to bad indoor air quality. Not only this with ignoring   cleaning for long periods you might also face issues like mold growth. Mold growth is a serious issue because it not only ruins the machine but also the outlook of the house. 

It is a very good idea if you go for regular cleaning but the fact is that there are a few cases when it is not necessary. Thus, you must know that it is the right decision to go for cleaning. However, you cannot ignore the benefits that you receive with cleaning. For instance, let’s assume that your ducts are infested with mice or vermin then there is a certain that you need to go for a cleaning. Whereas if it’s just dust then it is preferred to either go for DIY cleaning. Hiring a professional technician is only viable when there is a situation that you cannot handle yourself. Some of the situations in which it becomes totally necessary to hire a technician include mold growth, infestation, etc. 


How Cleaning Is Performed?

Cleaning is a task that is performed by specialized technicians because it requires specialized tools that allow you to agitate and dislodge dirt. With the help of these tools’ ducts make the dirt and other contaminants loose and air-bone before they are removed with the help of a vacuum. There come situations when these ducts are cut for tool access and require to be sealed again. This could be done by a professional technician because he has the training and the experience to perform it. With the help of their powerful vacuum system, it helps to remove the loose out the dirt and contaminants. If this situation is not handled properly then there is a good chance of the fact that it may do more harm than good. 


What is the difference between Duct Cleaning vs. HVAC System Cleaning?

There are a few confusions that are surrounding the internet that say that heating and cooling system air cleaning is a part of HVAC system cleaning. Since the only time spring-cleaning is required is when they are contaminated, it follows up to HVAC cleaning because if you need to clean the ducts then there is a high chance that you might also need HVAC system cleaning. 

Talking about the difference then we get to know that washing is just a part of heating and cooling system cleaning but if you require cleaning service then it is necessary to get a complete heating and cleaning system cleaning. A complete cleaning includes replacing the air filter, cleaning grilles and diffusers, checking drain pans and drain lines for proper drainage, checking the heat exchanger and cooling coils, grills, furnace air plenum, blower motor, etc. Not only this they also come up with a checklist that gives an overview of their recommended process. 


Things that are covered in HVAC Cleaning

The following are the parts that are included in a complete HVAC Air duct cleaning cycle.


  • HVAC Ducts


    • Technician washes the main supply duct and branch distribution ducts.
    • The technician cleanses return ducts.
    • Cleans all the access panels in the ducts 
  • Grills and Diffusers
    • All the supply registers and return air grilles are cleansed. 
  • Furnace Plenums
    • It is also important to look out for furnace supply air plenum and return air plenum. They must be dirty and they should be thoroughly cleaned. 
  • Furnace Components
    • The technician should sterilize the furnace heat exchanger.
    • The technician should eliminate, sterile blower motor. This should be reinstalled by the technician when it is cleaned. 
    • Have a look at the humidifier media and drain pan.
    • Eliminate the dust and debris from the evaporator coil, drain, and pan drain.
    • In the end, the technician should make sure that the cooling coil is perceptibly free of dust and the drain pan is dirt-free and draining appropriately.
  • Furnace Air Filter
    • The technician should switch the air filter or shower permanent media air filter.


Beware of the Cleaning Service Scams

You will certainly face problems when cleaning is not performed correctly. There might be companies or individuals that might offer you cheaper services but that could be seriously damaging for your HVAC system. It is important that you are well aware of the company and it has a good reputation. Moreover, it is also significant to ensure that the company is certified and has trained and experienced professionals who can deal with challenging situations as well as easy ones. 

The Final Say 

Most of the time cleaning services are an emotional sell. If you are eager to get good air quality for you and your family then the ducts in your house seem to make sense. You might get attracted to photos that show the difference of dirty and clean ducts but you need to be sure of the fact that there are certain cases when you need to go for cleaning services. 


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